Mic becomes Lord Mic

Welcome to Mic’s young magical adventures where you will be part of Mic Mouse’s world of magic and adventure.

Let get started……

After the Edebian war on Edenia, Mic casted a protection spell over Edenia, his home planet and then the Edebian ships tried to enter the atmosphere.

They exploded into black dust until there were five Edebian ships and then they retreated out toward their dark, evil, creepy and tyranny earth known as Edebia.

Meanwhile mic and hades’s Army flew back to Edenia the city and they headed for the headquarters of Advanced sorcerers that was in side of mount Edenia.

They arrived at the cave port and walked out of the flying ship while the port plug magically hooked on the flying ship.

Mic told Hades’s Army (“ I’m going to go down to the Edenia castle, see you later, good bye guys”) and Hades’s Army replied (“ok, see you real soon, Good bye”).

Then Mic walked out of the cave through tunnels to the Edenian city and walked down the stairs and he arrived at the entrance of the Edenian city.

Meanwhile, there was 12 Edenian thieves crawling out of their broken flying ship after it crashed into a castle ruin known as the Adamiah palace where a old King named John the 2nd studied the stars in the Edenian sky for a message

The 12 thieves took their mask off and disguised themselves as farmers from their village called Eden.

Then they started to head toward the Edenia and then a sand dragon landed in front of the twelve their and told them (“stop there, why are you here, thieves, oh I Know, you’re here to assassinate my queen of Edenia”)

(“You’re too late to assassin Queen Elizabeth of Edenia, my army is behind you in the sand ready to take you down and take you to a terrible, frightening jail known as Dragon sand Jail Cave”).

Then the other sand dragons flew out of the sand dunes and surrounded the thieves and took them out with a old net.

They carried the thieves up in the sky and flew to their canyon kingdom known as canyon Topian.

Meantime Mic walked in the town court and headed toward the courtyard until he heard a little girl mouse pleading her evil sinister aunt to not to sacrifice her doll in a voodoo spell, her aunt was creating to eliminate Mic’s mom from taking the throne instead she becomes a queen of Edenia.

Then he walked toward a creepy, dumpy, broken down house where the noise was coming from and he stopped cautiously by the first front step to examine if there is any creaking steps that would trigger his presence with his mind zen.

He saw creaky board one after another and sent a silent spell onto the broken down, creepy, dumpy house and went up the front of the creepy house until a crow popped out the attic.

The crow crowed evilly (“A sorcerer alert, Annabelle, I got this sorcerer cornered, why don’t you finish that voodoo spell while me and my crow army pick this young prince slash sorcerer to pieces”).

Then the crows flew out of the attic following their malicious evil leader and headed for Mic, picking at his head but Mic ducked his head before they picked at his ears.

Mic silently casted a protection spell of him when the crows retreated and bomb dived straight toward Him.

He casted an attack fire spell on the crows and the crows caught on fire and flew away to the Edenian well down the street and dived in the water to put the fire out.

They flew back to the broken down house and left Mic alone when he entered into the house but the evil malicious crow leader kept instructing them to pick Mic to pieces.

Then the crows turned towards their Evil malicious leader and flew after him until their leader was trapped in a crow trap next door.

The crows came back and found Mic entering the living room.

They told Mic (“ there’s a trap down hidden in Annabelle’s Aunt’s master bedroom, follow us and promise us to set us free after you defeat my evil mouse master.”)

Mic replied (“ok, lead me there, yes I will set you free after I turn your evil mouse master into a dragon lizard, I don’t end evil people instead I teach them how to be good and patient through their years of being turned into Other Animals”).

The crows kindly and justly liked what kind of just heart Mic had, so they led him to the evil Aunt’s master bedroom which was on the other end of the hall.

They entered the master bedroom and moved a voodoo rug off the the trap door.

Mic told the crows to guard the trap door incase the evil Aunt had a partner and then he opened the trap door.

He climbed down the ladder leading down to a secret underground cave and then he made it to floor of the cave.

Mic headed toward a dungeon door and then he opened the door.

He casted a transformation spell on the evil aunt while she were finishing the voodoo spell and she shrieked with an angry and defeated attitude.

Then she shrunk into a Persian cat and she bared her teeth at Mic.

She dug her sharp claws and charged toward Mic with revenge.

Mic casted a time spell and then he created a small kennel with his magic.

He stopped the time spell and got the kennel and he caught the evil aunt in the kennel.

He casted a spell onto the kennel to flying up to the surface back into the upper room and it flew up into the upper room.

The little girl mouse ran out of her hiding place in the closet and hugged Mic.

She said (“thanks for rescuing me from my evil, mean aunt who hated my mom who disappeared after the Edenian war and can I stay with you?”).

Mic replied (“ your welcome, yes, you can stay with me, lets head back up to the master bedroom”).

Mic and the little girl mouse went up the ladder and headed out of the house with the cat kennel flying out of the house.

Mic asked the little girl mouse (“ what’s your name, do you have someone to stay with”)

The little girl mouse replied (“my name is Annabelle, I have no one left to stay with, could you take me in please?”)

Mic replied (“ oh, I’m sorry, yes I’ll take you in as my little sister”).

Jasmine gave him a hug and they headed to the the palace courtyard.

They arrived at the Edenian castle and walked into the palace hall.

Mic’s mom walked out to the palace courtyard until she saw Mic and she ran up to Mic and gave him a hug.

They headed to couches by a fire pit and sat down.

They talked about things that happened in the kingdoms.

After the conversation, mic asked his mom (“ can I leave Annabelle here and I’m going to look for her mom. “)

His mom replied (“yes, you can, are you leaving right now to look for her mom.”)

He replied thank you for taking Annabelle in, yes I’m going to leave right now to search for her mom.”)

They departed their ways and Mic headed back to the Headquarters of the advanced sorcerers.

He told the other advanced sorcerers and Hades’s army (“ good bye guys, see you in 3 years, I’m searching for a little girl mouse’s mom”)

They told him goodbye and he opened a wizard portal to Asiania where he knew Annabelle’s mom would go in hiding.

He walk through the wizard portal and the wizard portal closed behind him.

Hades’s army and the advanced sorcerers went to their rooms and got packed for a trip to Allosha to defend the Alloshans from the Edebian armies.

They told each other (“good night”) and went to bed in their rooms.

The end

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