Mic and the Princess of Eden

Welcome to Mic Mouse’s young magical adventures where you find magic surging through a world of Disney.

Let’s begin again:

Mic travel all night long through the wizard portal and still was trying to get to Eden in one day

He stopped for a rest and got back up and traveled through the traveling magical tunnel every once in a while.

Then Mic crashed in middle of The Edenian Mountain Range through the wizard portal which started to collapse.

The Wizard Portal disappeared and Mic was stranded in the Edenian mountain range on the side of a mountain.

At least Mic wasn’t injured from the crash and the Magic in him Kept him from breaking his bones when he fell into the ground from the sky.

He shook his head and thought (“ why did this happen, I’m stuck here and I don’t know where I am at”).

He looked at his magical clock and saw he traveled all night and through the afternoon.

Until he came up with an idea to go up the mountain top where the Edenian Dragons liked to hang out after their magnificent fly and he start to climb up the mountain.

Until a young dragon showed up, looking what fell into the side of the mountain and then he saw Mic going to the Mountain top.

He saw Mic was all dirty from falling into the Mountainside and he asked Mic (“are you okay, where are you heading to?”).

Mic replied (“ bonjour, I’m ok, I’m heading for Eden, I was about look for a Edenian Dragon to take me to Eden and will you be honored to take me to Eden”).

(“What’s your name?”) and the Edenian Dragon replied back (“ yes, I’ll be honored to take you to Eden, my name is Prince Sam, your transportation onward to Eden”).

They both became best friends with each other and hunted for Edenian fish in th Edenia River.

Mic made a campfire place and Prince Sam blew fire on it.

They grilled their fish in the fire and ate.

Mic climbed on Prince Sam and held on Prince Sam’s scale.

Prince Sam flew off to Eden where it takes a day to walk where Mic is at right now.

At 5:10, Mic and Prince Sam arrived there.

Mic got off and he said (“ thank you for taking me to Eden, Prince Sam, when we both are kings, let’s be work with each other to unite our kingdoms together and others together.”)

Prince Sam replied your welcome, ok let’s work with each other for Good wills, bye, see you one day as a king and me a king of the Edenian Dragons.

Mic replied (“ bye, see you one day”) and Prince Sam flew back to The Edenian mountain range in a flash.

He walked into the streets of Eden and went to a inn called Eden in.

He walked In to the inn and walked up to the front counter.

He curiously asked the bear cashier named Berry (“ bonjour, I’m going to rent a room for three years and I was wondering how much is it to buy a room or rent a room”).

Berry gladly replied (“ it is 200 Edenian dollars to rent and it is 300 Edenian dollars to buy, I would choose buying it, you probably are thinking I’m crazy to spend that much on a room, you’ll get a discount on it for 100 Edenian dollars starting now”)

Mic replied (“ I’ll buy the room and thank you.”).

Mic opened his pocket in his pants and payed Berry.

Berry said (“ your welcome bro enjoy living here and thanks for coming in”)

Mic replied (“your welcome, ok I wiil”).

Mic left the front counting and went to 9016 room.

He opened the golden door and closed the door after he came in.

In his room, he had a small kitchen in one area by the family room and living room which to his bedroom which was connected to the master bathroom.

He headed for his bedroom which has two beds with a magic tv in front of the beds and Nightstands in between the beds.

He has a walk in closet by the master bathroom.

He called the front counter (“ I’ll have a bowl of Bean O Soup with two pigs and a cherry pop”).

The front counter replied (“ ok is that it, it 10.00 dollars”).

Mic replied (“ no, thank you, that’s it”) and the front counter replied back (“ ok, your food is going to be brought to your room, make sure you have your money ready, thanks for ordering your food, we are the fastest inn in Eden”).

Mic Replied (“ ok, thanks”) and the front counter replied (“no problem sir”)

He told them bye and put the The Ephone back on the phone charger.

Then he heard a knock on his door and went to the door.

He opened the door and found his food being carried in his kitchen by a Tiger chef.

The Tiger chef said (“ here’s your food and thanks for ordering food from my restaurant known as Inn cafe”).

Mic replied (“ thanks, your welcome, here is 100 dollars for getting my food to my room and making it”).

The tiger chef happily replied back (“ your welcome, thanks for the 100 dollars, see you again”)

Mic replied back (“ your welcome see you real soon”) and the tiger chef left.

Mic went into the kitchen and ate his dinner.

He went into his bathroom and brushed his teeth.

He went into his bed and turned on the magic tv.

He started to watch a tv show called Chris’s Hotel fixer upper and Chris the Haunted Mansion Hotel owner was showing how he fixed his famous ghostly hotel.

Then Chris got a phone call from a Grand Floridian Resort owner looking for help to expand his hotel to hold a water park behind the hotel building.

Chris took the offer to help him to build a water park behind the Grand Floridian Hotel and then Mic fell asleep in his bed.

The magic tv magically turned off and then his room was silent without a cricket noise outside.

He started to have a dream about his day tomorrow.

In his Dream, he woke up and got ready for the day.

He headed down to the Inn Cafe and ate his breakfast.

Then he headed out of the inn and went into town to started to look signs of the Princess of Eden being in the town.

Then he was pushed by surprise Into the ally to the street floor and was going to be stabbed by a evil king known as king Johnny.

Until a Girl mouse was dressed into a hood walked into the alley and then pulled out a knife on Mic, faking she’s a thief.

The evil king instructed her to end Mic’s life and he walk out of the alley.

The evil king headed for the inn where Mic was staying at and started to headed for Mic’s room

When he arrived at mic’s room, he started to torch the room and he fled through the window by jumping out of it in to a river leading out of the town.

Meanwhile in the alleyway, Mic got up and said to the Girl mouse thief (“ don’t hurt me, I’m here to look for the Princess of Eden and you can forget about me”).

Then the Girl mouse thief put her knife away and pulled her hood off her head and ran to him.

She hugged him and said (“I won’t harm you, I’m the Princess of Eden, don’t leave me.

Mic sighed with relief and hugged the Princess of Eden.

The Princess of Eden replied (“did you find my little sister, you’re Prince Mic my hero, thanks for coming to find me when no one is looking for me).

Mic replied (“oh she’s your sister, yep you’re right, your welcome”) and the Princess of Eden kissed him on the cheek.

The Princess of Eden told Mic (“ follow me to a safe house and will you be a king by my side when I’m queen of Edenia our planet home.

Mic Replied (“yes I’ll be your king, lead me to the safe house, I love you, you’re perfect and beautiful.

The Princess of Eden hugged him and said (“thanks, I love you too, it’s east toward my parents vacation hut and past it”).

Mic replied (“ your welcome”) and they stopped hugging each other.

They held each other’s hands and the Princess of Eden started to lead Mic to the safe house.

Until a gold carriage pulled up and the Princess of Eden’s loyal guard got down and offered Mic and the Princess of Eden an ride to the safe house.

They said (“yes, we would like a ride there, thanks”) and Mic open the door of the carriage for the Princess of Eden.

She went in to the carriage and sat down and Mic went in to the carriage, holding her hand.

He sat next to her and the loyal guard said (“your welcome”).

The loyal guard closed the door of carriage after Mic got in after the Princess of Eden got in first.

The loyal guard got up in the coach and whipped the horses gently.

They took off toward the direction of the safe house and the Princess of Eden layed her head on Mic’s shoulder.


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