Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort blue prints and layout.

Welcome ghostly guests to this spooky, Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort where you will enjoy a ghostly vacation away from your gloomy graveyard home.

Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort
Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort
Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort
Laundry Mat blue print
Haunted Mansion Check inn
Haunted Mansion Gym
The popping ghost head

This post is connected to John and Constance’s story.

You may see those pictures of the blue prints of haunted Mansion Hotel Resort.

It was a progress to make this blueprint possible.

In each of the hotel buildings there will be 10 rooms on each floor.

There will be 10 levels in each hotel buildings and there be 8 hotel buildings.

There will be two laundry mat where you can do your laundry.

There will be a check in building where you will check in to your room.

There will be a Haunted Mansion Gift Store connect to the Haunted Mansion Cafe where you will be a ghostly guest eating by the New Orleans Ocean.

The one last building is the play area where all ages can go through the original Haunted Mansion.

There will be rooms for the maids to do laundry after they clean the hotel rooms.

Let’s talk about the fun places to go to relax from a long day of Disney.

There will be hot tubs by the New Orleans Ocean where you will relax from walking all day through the Disney Parks.

There will be a great big pool with a sunken pirate ship by the beach where little kids will like to hang by the shore running along the beach in the gentle shore waves.

Bigger kids will enjoy swimming by the sunken pirate ship and explore inside the captain’s cabin and meet the ghost captain in the captain’s cabin.

Let’s head to the best part of this Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort.

The Graveyard Lazy River

There will be a Graveyard Lazy River where you will float through Haunted Mansion Graveyard with your favorite grim grinning ghosts and with a popping head of a ghost scaring you for fun.

You will be floating on a raft shaped tube on a river into Haunted Mansion Graveyard.

If you are training for something or staying in fit, there will be a Haunted Mansion Gym where you can work out and after working out there,you can go in a sauna.

If you are a male, you will go in the Men sauna.

If you are a female, you will go in the women sauna.

If you have been on a cruise ship, you saw they had separate saunas for Men and Women.

I have been on two carnival cruises that had separate saunas.

After reading this post, leave me comments about what cruises you have been on.

Let’s go back to the pool side there will be a built in movie screen in front of the Graveyard Lazy River.

At night times, there will be Disney movie playing on the screen from a projector that will be inside a wall where it will have a wave maker machine and the projector will be above the wave maker.

The Projector will be attached to a longer construction cord which will be above the wave maker.

The Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort will have trash cans at every corner by lights by them.

There will also be trash cans in each buildings and each building will have restrooms in them except the 2 Laundry Mats and The Haunted Mansion play area.

You will enjoy staying at this hotel Resort and walking by John and Constance’s wagon which got stuck in the rainy road.

You will have 8 ghosts at each Hotel buildings to choose to be your guide and here’s a list of eight ghosts.





The Ghost Host




Each hotel rooms will have two queen beds with nightstands by each bed.

There will be a bathroom in each room with a closet and two sinks out by the closet and there will be a tv in front of the beds in each room.

There will be a suitcase stool and a ironing board in each room.

There will be a iron in each room and there will be a table and two chairs by the tv stand in each room and each room will be spacious.

The tv stand will have a refrigerator beneath the tv with paper with the information about the theme parks in Walt Disney World.

There will be a safe in the closet in each room and there will be towels and rags underneath the double sink counter in each room.

There will be haunted Mansion themed soap and shampoo and conditioner supplies in the bathroom in each room.

There will be extra Haunted Mansion soap, shampoo and conditioner supplies on a shelf by the closet in each room.

Each room will be cleaned everyday and there will be wooden floors in each room.

There will be Haunted Mansion wallpaper on all the walls.

There will be Disney World buses taking guest to the theme parks and to Disney Springs.

There will be a Disney gondola lift connected to the Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort going to Disney Springs.

Also there will be Disney bus stations going to the the Disney World Parks and also the Disney Gondola can travel to the Disney hotels and Theme Parks.

Thanks for checking out this post and reading my blog

I’m going to go to Disney World for Christmas vacation for three days.

I came up with this idea from ( what would a Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort look like.)

Walt Disney was right to have courage and perseverance to build an incredible company called the Disney company.

Walt Disney is my hero and Inspirational who created Disneyland and the Disney Imagineering job.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog post.

It’s a pleasure to have you guys reading my blog posts.

Thanks again for reading my blog.

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