Lily and Charlotte’s hot tub

Welcome guys, back to the Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort project.

Lily and Charlotte’s hot tub
Look into this before you look at my sketch of Lily and Charlotte’s hot tub

There will be a hot where Lily and Charlotte shows up in.

They will greet the guests when they go in the hot tub.

There will be a projector showing:

Charlotte and Lily looking for Rose the doll in their swimming suits until they fell into an old hot tub.

They found Rose the doll and started to head out of the hot tub until they each got stuck on a nail falling slowly out of the side of the hot tub seat.

They tried to get out of the hot tub but they couldn’t instead they got stuck on other nails that were slowly coming out.

They weeped and called for help while kicking water every where but no one showed up to help them out of the hot tub.

Each day, they slowly died from sadness until the 20th day, they died finally from sadness and floated in the old hot tub.

They woke up and saw they became ghosts and they repeated their death each month.

Charlotte and Lily wants to say hi to you and that they can’t stand dying repeatedly.

That’s it folks when you visit Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort, you will be ghostly guests here entering an old hot tub that is broken for 200 years.

When the guests step up on the foot steps, the step will look like it broke into the inside of foot step.

You will be part of their story of being stuck in the old hot tub with nail keeping you stuck in the old hot tub.

Enjoy your stay ha ha ha.

It will be a in ground hot tub.

It will look like you are going up into a hot tub that is put on top of a deck.

Here’s a sneak peek of the hot tub, I’m talking about.

Lily and Charlotte’s hot tub

I hope you had fun reading this post about Lily and Charlotte’s hot tub.

I wish you a good day each day and if you are loving all kinds of Disney subjects, I say this in Mickey Mouse’s voice (“ see you real soon, have a magical day each day”)

Thanks for checking out my Disney Imagineering Blog

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