Circle of life poem

I have written new poems, here’s the new poems that I came about The Lion King.

Here’s another poem.

These poems are Lion King themed ones.

When a lion cub is born, it is raised in the sky.

It becomes a prince and in his presence,all the African animals bow down to their future king with welcoming bows.

Through his cub years, he plays by pride rock with the future Princess.

One day, he and the Princess explores Africa.

Simba is born, he is raised by a monkey as a future king.

They run into hyenas in the shadowlands and are almost eaten until his Lion dad came.

He plays with Nala, he and Nala wonders into the shadowlands, they face hyenas as danger while disobeying zazu’s order like bratty Cubs.

Mufasa rescue them and leads them out of the shadowlands.

Next day, Scar trick Simba to roar into the African canyon and then wildebeests charge into the African Canyon.

Then Mufasa rescued Simba and carried him up the cliff.

He climbed toward high grounds and then Scar pushed Mufasa back in to the African Canyon.

Mufasa hit the ground, so hard and Simba ran toward him and cried.

Scar blamed Simba and sent the hyenas after Simba.

Simba run out, into a dusty, hot dessert and collapsed onto the hot, dusty ground.

Then Timon and Puma rescues Simba and takes him to a luxury paradise.

They raise Simba up and Simba learns their way of living

While living with them, he grows into a Lion from a Lion Cub.

Then Nala shows up At the luxury paradise and finds Simba living there.

She convinces Simba to go back with her to Pride Rock.

But Simba wouldn’t go at first.

Then rafiki searches for Simba and finds him in the luxury paradise.

He keeps on convincing Simba to return to take his place back as king of Pride Rock.

Finally Simba was convinced to go back to Pride Rock to take back his place as king of Pride Rock.

Meanwhile, Nala, Timon and Puma head to Pride Rock to help him with the fierce battle with Scar and the Hyenas.

Simba confronts Scar about killing his father in front of him but Scar tricks him with killing his own father by Accident.

Then Simba confronts Scar again but this time, they start fighting each other.

Then Scar falls into fire and is attacked by the hyenas.

Then Simba roars on top of Pride Rock and Mufasa roars back from the sky.

The rain took out the fire throughout Africa and restored the African land.

The next day, Simba’s Son was raised in front of the African Animals.

Then Simba Roared and Mufasa roars back from the sky.

The end

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