Chris Hatchaway’s story part 1

This is connected to John and Constance’s story.

I hope you enjoy this story too.

Who is your favorite character in my stories of the Haunted Mansion Hotel Resort?

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When John and Constance left the room, Chris faced the and asked her (“ let’s leave this creepy place, my mom sounded different than she was before we left Edenia. “)

The girl agreed and replied (“ yes, let’s leave this creepy place.

They went out of the closet and walked to the bedroom door.

They opened the door and headed to the front door.

They went outside and started to run straight for the dirt road.

They made it to the dirty road and exited Captain William Gracey’s Mansion Property before the gate closed.

The ghost host suddenly shouted (“no Constance, your son escaped with a girl who was sneaking in my mansion”).

Chris asked the girl (“ my name is Chris, what’s your name?, I’m glad I ran into you or else I will be stuck in that creepy mansion for years”)

The girl replied (“nice to meet you, my name is Rose Crimson, me too.”)

(“ I live close by here, follow me, I’m 24 years old, I bet you are 24 years old”)

Chris replied (“oh sweet, show me the way, no I’m 25 years old.”)

Then Chris hugged Rose and said thanks to her for being there.

Him and her kissed each other and suddenly they looked at each other.

They let go and knew they are destined to marry each other.

Rose led Chris to her family’s mansion property and they arrived and headed into Crimson Ranch.

They arrived there and found that the mansion was empty like a ghost Mansion in a ghost town.

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