Chris Hatchaway’s story part 2

Then Rose led Chris toward a stable and they found the stable empty.

They headed back to the Crimson Ranch Mansion and kept on thinking (“ how can we get out of this country land”).

Then they came up with a idea how to get out of the country land.

The idea was wait for a family to purchase the Crimson Ranch.

They waited for two weeks, still the ranch wasn’t purchased.

They waited for two more weeks and then the ranch was purchased by a family who traveled from Edenia on a afternoon.

When the family walked in, they found Chris and Rose in the kitchen eating fried fish, they fished out of Lake Crimson.

Chris and Rose looked up startled with seeing them there.

Chris and Rose dramatically told them all about what happened and asked them for a ride in their covered wagon to Eden.

The family listened to their stories with curiosity, sadness and sympathy.

Then the family kindly lended the covered wagon to Chris and Rose.

Chris and Rose told them (“thank you, we will get you the upgraded wagon and we will pay for your trips”).

The family replied (“ Your welcome, you don’t have to”)

Chris happily replied (“ yeah I do after you lended your covered wagon for me and Rose to get go to Eden”)

The family gladly replied (“ thanks, see you again”).

Chris and Rose replied (“ your welcome, bye guys, see you again”).

The family waved bye, while Chris and Rose rode away in their covered wagon.

Chris and Rose waved back to the family while riding out of the Crimson Ranch property.

Then they started down the country road toward Eden.

They made it at the end of the country road.

Continuing on Chris Hatchaway’s story part 3

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