Mic and the Princess of Eden Part 2

Welcome back to Mic’s young magical adventures where you will a prince or princess in a magical, romantic and fantasy world of Disney.

Let’s… really….. let’s magically begin this story… much better….. now starting.

They arrived safely to the safe house, in New Englandia.

Mic and the Princess of Eden got off the golden carriage.

They headed into the safe house and then Mic remembered that he rented a room in Eden.

He went to the phone that was sitting by the couch in the family room and called berry to cancel his rent in Eden.

Berry canceled the rent and Mic told Berry (“ good bye, thank you, you were a big help, see you real soon”).

Berry replied (“good bye, thanks, see you real soon”).

Mic replied (“ your welcome, bye”).

They both got off the phone.

While Mic was calling Berry, the Princess of Eden went to the kitchen.

She prepared royal nachos for dinner and putted the royal nachos in the stone stove for 6 minutes.

The royal nachos got done when Mic got off the phone.

Meanwhile the Princess of Eden took out the royal nachos from the stone stove.

Mic smelled the delicious royal nachos and headed for the kitchen.

Mic and the Princess of Eden ate dinner and after dinner, they cleaned up the kitchen.

They told each other (“Good Night”) and went to bed to their separate bedrooms.

While Mic was asleep, he has a vision about him becoming a king in 3 years ahead after the evil king was arrested by the Edenian army.

The war was ended by the surrounding army of Edebians and Adamiah was United under him.

Until the evil king escaped from prison and tried to assassinate Mic but he escaped the assassin.

He is falsely reported dead but he isn’t dead and his son, Mickey Mouse became the next heir to the throne of Edenia.

He woke up the next morning and got up.

He got ready for the day and headed to the kitchen.

He made Royal French toast for him and the Princess of Eden.

The Princess of Eden came to the kitchen and ate breakfast with Mic Mouse.

They stayed close to the safe house and they lived their three years taking care of each other til it came for them to return to Edenia.

Continuing to part 3 of Mic and the Princess of Eden……..

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Published by Paul Pederson

Disney imagineering fan, Disney storyteller, future Disney imagineer that is learning how to become a Disney imagineer at home buy reading Disney imagineering books and a Disney Fan of the Walt Disney Company A Disney traveler each year and a Disney imagineering Blogger, A Christian who believes in Jesus is Lord and that God sent his one and only son named Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins.

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