Mic Mouse’s Christmas surprise

Welcome to another Mic Mouse story where you will dive straight to a magical world of Disney ruled by a kind, humble, just and righteous king, you know him as King Mic Mouse.

Let me tell this exciting and joyful story about a awesome gift that Mic and Queen Mary Mouse get.

Will it be finally a baby boy mouse or not.

Let me begin now with this miracle story where a mouse couple get a baby boy mouse for Christmas Eve.

Once upon a magical universe, there was a young king Who married the Princess of Eden.

You may know his name, it’s Mic Mouse and don’t forget the Princess of Eden’s name: Princess Mary Mouse.

Garsh, this is Goofy Sr, let’s go back to the story.

One month after Mic and Princess Mary Mouse got married.

On December 1, Mic decorated his castle with Christmas lights and decorated the inside with Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, Christmas garlands and Christmas trees in each room of his castle with the help of his magic broomsticks.

Queen Mary walked out and saw the castle of Edenia coming alive with joy of the Christmas lights.

She smiled at Mic and Mic smiling back that he was glad, he found her in Eden three years ago.

She went back inside and prepared royal nachos.

She putted it in the stone stove and sat down for a minute before getting the kitchen table ready for dinner.

She got up and took the royal nachos out of the stone oven.

She sat the royal nachos on the kitchen table and She thought about having a mouse son on Christmas Eve as an exciting Christmas surprise.

She was 1 month pregnant and her due date was on December 24th for her to have a baby boy mouse.

Then Mic got done with putting up the Christmas lights and told his magic broomsticks to go back to the basement to sleep for the night.

He headed back inside the castle, thinking about the good news of having a mouse son.

He went to the kitchen and found the royal nachos done.

Him and Queen Mary Mouse sat down at the kitchen table and ate dinner.

After dinner they went up to their master bedroom and kissed and told each other good night.

They hugged each other in bed and started to lay down side by side.

They went to bed and slept throughout the night.

They woke up in the morning and got ready for the day.

Mic made scrambled eggs with toast for him and Queen Mary.

They ate breakfast and Mic told Queen Mary (“ Good bye, dear, see you later, I have a meeting to attend at the Edenian Courthouse”).

She replied (“ok, see you later and they both hugged each other.

Mic left and headed toward the Edenian Courthouse.

He arrived there and had a meeting about ways for people to travel back and forth.

He came out with ideas and showed the other Kings from other cities, his ideas such as flying cars, flying bikes, flying airplanes, floating cars and airplanes and other ideas how to make the universe better.

At noon He and the other kings took a break from the meeting and went to lunch across the street to Jonathan’s Inn.

They had lunch there and talked about being a king.

After lunch, Mic and the other kings headed back to the Edenian Courthouse and resumed the meeting.

After the meeting, he headed back to his home in the castle of Edenia.

He came home and saw Queen Mary Mouse made royal nachos.

The nachos were ready on the kitchen table and he walked into the kitchen.

He sat down, Queen Mary Mouse and Mic Mouse ate dinner.

They asked how each one’s day was and talked about what’s a good name for their baby boy mouse.

Then Mic and Queen Mary Mouse came up with a name ( Mickey Mouse).

They both got up and said together (“ how about Mickey Mouse”) with hugging each other.

They kissed each other and cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

After cleaning up the kitchen, they went into the family room, holding hands and turned on the magic tv.

They started to watch the Frozen Holiday special music event that’s held in Arandelle.

Once in a while, they Danced with each other.

After the the Frozen Holiday special music event ended, they hugged each other and kissed each other.

They went up to their master bedroom and went to bed.

The days repeated over and over.

But Mic and Queen Mary Mouse Christmas shopped throughout December at the Magical Mall for their baby and for each other.

Then on December 23, Mic Mouse and Queen Mary Mouse wrapped up their gifts for their baby and for each other.

On the next day, in the afternoon, Queen Mary Mouse and Mic Mouse had a baby boy mouse.

Everyone all over the world gave Mic and Queen Mary Mouse’s baby boy mouse named Mickey Mouse a gift.

Mic and Queen Mary Mouse came back home with Mickey Mouse two weeks later and celebrate Christmas Day.

They opened presents and had a jolly and merry Christmas that day as a family on Christmas Day.

The End

May you have a merry and Jolly Christmas this year.

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