Mic’s magical adventures Part 1

HI guys welcome to Mic’s magical adventures where you will get to know Mic Mouse as a young mouse and be part of his magical adventures.

Here’s one of the stories.

Mic becoming an advanced sorcerer

Once upon a time when the kingdom of Edenia was at war with the evil queen’s kingdom, there was a 17 year old mouse named Mic who lived in a village called Eden and his mom and Dad were king Jonathon and Queen Elizabeth of Edenia.

They sent him to Eden to become Lord Mac’s apprentice for 1 years but he wanted to stay with them.

On April 1 2000 after 1 year of finishing the first lessons of the beginner guide for becoming a sorcerer, he asked (“I’m ready from the advance guide for young sorcerers, can I start it today, how is my mom and dad, I miss them, I know I ask you every day”) to Lord Mac who is a sorcerer mouse who was also training yen Sid into a sorcerer when Mic went down to have breakfast at the sorcerer school of Edenia.

Lord Mac replied (“ your mom and dad are good and proud of you, you can ask each day, I receive letters from them to me everyday, yes you can start the next section of your sorcerer Training after you show me your sorcerer training that you practiced every day”) to Mic.

Then Lord Mac said (“good job for completing you first year of being a sorcerer apprentice, I’m proud of you too”) to Mic.

Mic replied (“thanks, I’ll show you after breakfast.”) and he went to the the mess room where other sorcerer apprentices were seated at a 5 seated table and he sat down by a tiger sorcerer named Jeremy who said (“good morning, come seat here, Mic, I can’t wait for today lessons, do you remember arriving here as sorcerer apprentices not knowing how to control your magic or not knowing you had magic in your veins”)

Mic replied (“ok, good morning Jeremy, yeah, I remember the first days we all arrived here, me too I can’t wait for today”) to Jeremy.

Mic and Jeremy said (“good morning”) to yen Sid when he walked in the mess room to eat breakfast.

Yen Sid replied (“good morning, Mic and Jeremy, I can’t wait for this day to begin”) to Jeremy and Mic.

They both replied (“me too”) and Yen Sid sat down at their table and ate with them.

They got up after they ate dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.

They went outside and Mic and Lord Mac went to the magic court.

They entered the magic court and Lord Mac told Mic to start his sorcerer training.

Mic started his sorcerer training and during his training, he accidentally created a statue of a fairy mouse.

Lord Mac swiped his hand and the statue disappeared.

Mic started his second spell and got it down right.

Then Mic started his third spell and got it down right.

Mic started his other 11 spells and got them down right.

Then Mic told Lord Mac(“ I’m done with the first spell book and Lord Mac said proudly (“ well done, young apprentice, you passed the test”).

Lord Mac said to him (“ now you are ready to become an advanced sorcerer”)

Mic replied (“ thank you, I’m exited about becoming an advanced sorcerer”) and Lord MAC took him to an enchanted hidden room and showed Mic a classified file labeled uniting Edenia for a an elite team.

Mic asked (“what’s this room and why are you trying to unite Edenia?”)

Lord Mac replied (“ this room is a magical war room for sorcerers like us to find ways to stop wars, riots and eliminate evil rulers and tyranny kings and threats from faraway places.”).

(“Because I’m tired of wars going on everywhere and tyranny rulers are taking everyone’s freedom and using for their own will.”)

Mic asked him (“am I on the elite team that you created”).

Lord Mac replied (“yes, you are”) and Mic said (“yay, thank you?”)

Mic went over to the file and read it.

Then the other young sorcerers came in the magical war room and Lord Mac Started the meeting.

Then a young advanced dragon sorcerer who was a spy to Edebia secretly thought a evil spell and casted it on Lord Mac silently.

Lord Mac suddenly collapsed into dust and mic scanned the room until he found the dragon spy.

He secretly thought a spell and casted it on The dragon spy.

The dragon spy was shackled by iron cuffs and was put to sleep.

The other leader who was Hades walked up to Mic and asked (“ wow, did you do that and you saved us from the enemy?”)

He replied (“ yes I did it with no training to become an advanced wizard”)

Hades promoted Mic to an advanced sorcerer after the wizard police officers arrested the dragon spy and he congratulated Mic to save the elite team of sorcerers.

They continue the meeting.

The young dragon spy was sent to Edenia jail house and was locked up.

The end

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