Mic’s magical adventures Part 2

Welcome guys to part 2 of Mic’s magical adventures

Now you will continue going on a magical journey though Mic Mouse’s young adventures embarking how he become’s a great, good advanced sorcerer.

Let’s begin right now:

Mic becoming an advanced sorcerer.

After the meeting, Mic and the other elite sorcerers took their copies of the file after they printed.

They went to the fireplace and an secret door suddenly showed up behind it by magic.

They went through the door to an underground bunker and then the door disappeared behind the fireplace.

Meantime the robot king pressed the nuclear bomb button and the nuclear bomb soared towards the Edenia Wizard school.

The bomb landed in the wizard school and blew it to powder dust which looked like newly fallen snow after it snowed the day after.

The robot king left his war room in his palace and celebrated that the elite team died in the nuclear attack.

The next day, Mic and the elite sorcerers went out of the underground bunker and used their magic to build a flying red ship to get to their second headquarters that was located in Mount Eden.

Finally They were done building a flying red ship and they got on it.

They casted an invisibility spell on the flying ship and they flew away.

On the next day, they arrived there and flew the flying ship into a vast cave under mount Eden that opened when they arrived.

Then The cave closed when they docked at the port and they walked up the great crystal stairs toward the front door to the Edenia headquarters of elite wizards.

The doors magically opened up and they walked in the headquarter with gratitude and thankfulness.

They headed for their own rooms and fell asleep from the long trip to their destination.

As Mic was falling asleep, he drifted in to a dream about him going back to Edenia and was anointed to king of Edenia.

Next morning, Mic and the advanced sorcerers went to sorcerer’s chamber to be taught by Hades, how to use each of the weapons which was magical sword, invisible cloak, enchanted armor, poisoned axe, enchanted Stone creatures and enchanted bow and arrow.

Hades said to the whole team (“now you know how to use these things and practice all the time when you don’t have nothing to do”).

They replied (“ok, we will daily each day lord Hades and they left sorcerer’s camber after the weapon class.

Mic was the last advanced sorcerer who left until Hades called him to come back in to tell him(“ your dad and mom think you died with the whole school, don’t worry they will eventually find out you and the school is alive.

Mic replied (“ ok, when do find out”) and Hades told him (“ when the robot king won’t expect an attack on his kingdom which is called Edebia”)

Mic still didn’t understand and he said (“ok bye see you later for the meeting Lord Hades”).

Hades jokingly replied (“ ok see you later young sorcerer mousy mouse and they both laughed and went their own ways.

At 4:00, Mic walked back to sorcerer’s chamber for the elite meeting after practicing what he learned today and he arrived there.

The other sorcerers arrived as Mic walked in the room and they started the meeting.

Mic suddenly asked (“will this plan work, if we used the dragon spy as bait at a park called Park Eden to get the robot king?”).

The other sorcerers complained (“what if it won’t work, what if he turns against us”).

Hades spoke up and said (“ that’s the plan later on, we have to get the other kingdoms United, first of all we are going to Hydro to unite the villain kingdom”).

(“I made my choice with who will be on my elite sorcerer team and you all are on the elite team to unite Adamiah for once and for all to live in peace with each other”).

(“Now it’s time to release the news, who is your other captain, Mic, come up here, you’re now the new captain, we lost a great captain but he will be our hearts forever”).

Mic excitedly came up and the elite team of advanced sorcerers cheered gleefully.

Mic said (“thank you, Lord Mac was like a father to me and he trained me like he did for you guys also, let’s unite this universe for a fallen sorcerer and defeat Edebia for once and for all”).

Hades and the other elite team mates cheered and congratulated Mic.

The whole elite team of advanced sorcerers went to a magical Stone tablet for fallen sorcerers and Lord Mac showed up on it magically.

They payed their respect to the magical stone tablet and they got ready for their first mission to unite Hydro.

Mic and the elite team ate their dinner with each other for the first time as a time.

They told each other (“good night,see you tomorrow and they went to bed in their rooms.

The End.

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This story will be continuing to Mic’s first advanced sorcerer mission.

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