Mic and the Princess of Eden Part 3

After the Adamiah war was over, Mic returned to Edenia and the Princess of Eden return to Eden.

Back in Eden, Princess Mary Grace told her mom and dad known as king Georgia Grace and Queen Lacey, Grace all about how her past three years were with love and joy.

Back in Edenia, Mic Mouse told his mom about his past three years were with joy.

On the next day, Mic went into the city of Edenia and saw how peaceful Edenia was finally.

He headed for the market palace and bought fruit and a candle for honoring his father.

He headed back to his and his mom’s castle and he stopped by his father’s remembrance statue.

He said (“ I miss you and I’m going to be a great King just like you this Saturday”) with paying respect to father by laying a candle in front of his father’s remembrance statue.

He headed back his and his mother’s castle.

He arrived back to his mother’s and his castle and putted the fruit away in the magical refrigerator.

Mic Mouse went to his old room and found a dvd on his bed from his father and put it in his magical DVD player and pushed it in.

He played it by asking the Magical Genie to play it.

He watched him as 4 year old and his dad having a joyful sword fight in the courtyard as dad and son.

His 4 year old self finally got caught by his dad by a hug from behind.

His 4 year old self laughed and his father laughed too.

His father said (“ I love you son forever and I bet will become a great king of this world, we live in, when these wars finally end.

His 4 year old replied (“ I love you too, I’ll be a great king just like you that will finally end the wars of Edenia.”)

After the video was over, he cried and wished he could have saved his father that day. the evil king ended his father’s life.

He got up and went to his father’s library where it has all kinds of kings books.

He picked up the book called Success Through being a Great King.

He went of a chair by the fire and sat down.

He read the book and took notes about being a successful king in his head with magic.

After he was done reading and studying about becoming a successful king, he walked out of his father’s library.

He headed for his bedroom and got ready for bed.

He went in his bed and went to bed.

The next morning, he got up and got ready for the day and for his First Anointed king Ceremony where he will be anointed to a king of Edenia.

He went to the kitchen and made a bowl of Royal Scrambled Eggs for himself and his mom.

He sat the bowl of Royal Scrambled Eggs and called his mom that breakfast is ready.

But his mom wouldn’t come and then he headed for his mom’s master room and opened the door.

The door swung open and he found his mom hasn’t came back home, last night.

He pulled out his Ephone and texted the castle Guard this.

(Where is my mom, she hasn’t come back, last night”).

The guard falsely texted him back (“ I don’t know where she is, she didn’t have a meeting last night and she told me she was going to stay in Zootopiam”) but deep in him, he knew what happened to her.

Then Mic sent a message to the guards to check the courtyard for his mom.

The guards looked in the courtyard for The Queen of Edenia and then they looked everywhere in the castle.

Mic start to have visions of his mom being snatched by the evil mouse King who wants the Queen of Edenia as a queen by his side.

Mic saw a evil guard leading his mom in to a magical Limbo but the evil mouse king was waiting for her to open the door for him to snatch her away.

The guards couldn’t find her and sent missing posters with her photo to other kingdoms that were their allies.

Mic recognized the evil guard and called the other guards to catch the evil guard faking to be a guard of Edenia.

While the guards were coming near where the evil guard was assigned, the evil Guard was picked up by the Evil mouse king.

But the guards were too late to catch the evil guard when they came to the place where he was assigned.

At 3:00 pm, Mic was anointed as king of Edenia with the citizens of Edenia by the guard leader.

After the Anointed king ceremony, Mic was surprised when he saw the Princess of Eden and her Mom and dad there cheering for him.

He walked toward them and greeted them (“ welcome to my kingdom, how are you guys, if you are wondering where my mom is at, she’s missing.

Continuing to King Mic and Queen Mary Mouse part 1

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