The imagineering Workout Book

Hi there, I saw this book at first on Amazon and thought (“ Jack pot, a great book about imagineering in Disney’s way.

Then I asked my mom, if I can get this book and she letted me get it.

On the day, it arrived, I looked at it and read it while I was working out out at the Ridge Recreation Center, in Colorado.

Until one day, I started to do the activities in the book.

I’m still learning from this book and doing the activities from this book.

If you want this book, here’s a link for it on Amazon:

This book is an incredible book to learn about becoming a Disney imagineer and I would rate it as a 5 star book.

I would recommend you to get this book, big time and I can’t post photos of this book on here, it’s against the copyright of the Disney Company and other Companies.

If you like it, like or comment down low.

Thanks for checking out my Disney Imagineering Blog

Published by Paul Pederson

Disney imagineering fan, Disney storyteller, future Disney imagineer that is learning how to become a Disney imagineer at home buy reading Disney imagineering books and a Disney Fan of the Walt Disney Company A Disney traveler each year and a Disney imagineering Blogger, A Christian who believes in Jesus is Lord and that God sent his one and only son named Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins.

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