Cities of Edenia

Welcome to the Edenian vacation site where you will find a fun, excited city where you will enjoy staying at.My name is King Mic Mouse and let my tell you about the history of my home planet, Edenia.


Here at Edenia, you will have a tour through the castle of Edenia and you will enjoy a day walking through the city of Edenia.

You will have a tour through the advanced sorcerer headquarters.

I was a young advanced sorcerer here during the Great War of Edenia.

Don’t forget, this is the capital city where a new king is anointed over Adamiah.

This tradition was started after I was anointed as king of Edenia which changed when the other kingdoms wanted me as king of their kingdoms so I was anointed as king of Adamiah.


Here at Eden, you will go on a tour through the Royal Castle of Eden and at night time, you will enjoy watching a firework show on each holiday, so come and stay here on each holidays at the Eden inn.


Here at Owltopia, you will walk in to the great owl tree known as Tree of Life and there is an owl city built inside it where you will shop.

Mr Owl lives here and he teaches other owls, wisdom from books and maps.


Zootopiamia is the number one largest city on Edenia and it was founded by King Lionheart 2 in 2000 after I became king of Adamiah.

Here at Zootopiamia, you will go on a tour through each land such as Artic Kingdom , Desert Kingdom, Oceanic Kingdom, Beach Kingdom, Mountain Kingdom and the sky Kingdom.


At Arendelle, you will take a tour through the Arendelle castle with Queen Anna as your tour guide and then you will go shopping in the village of Arendelle.

The famous sculpture is the snow flake ice fountain.

It was made by Elsa when Elsa left Arendelle for one year to return to her ice Palace.


At Agrabah, you will go on a magic carpet tour through the Cave of Wonder with the Genie as your Tour guide.

Then you will go on a tour through the Agrabah Palace with Aladdin and Jasmine the next day.


At Eglandia, you will enjoy walking and shopping in this city.

On the next day, you will board Peter Pan ship and you will get a tour of Neverland.

Wendy, Mary Poppins, Christopher and Robin Hood live in the Englandian Castle.

New orleania

At New Orleania, you will enjoy shopping in the New Orlean street mall.

You will enjoy eating New Orleans food and visit Dr Falicier’s voodoo shop.

You will get a free apartment from Dr Falicier’s Apartments for a week.

You will ride a Orlean steam boat at night time and you will see fireflies lighting up the night sky.

New Africania

At New Africania, you will enjoy shopping in the African courtyard and eat African food.

Simba is the king of New Africania and he will give you a tour through New Africania for a day.


At Asiania, you will enjoy going on a tour through Mulan’s palace with Mulan as your tour guide.

You will enjoy going shopping in the Asianian mall and eat Asianian food.

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