Chris Hatchaway’s story part 4

Welcome to part 4 of Chris Hatchaway’s story where you will learn the story about his family and his friends.

In 1 year ahead, in Eden, Chris and Rose Crimson had twin children named John and Charlotte for remembrance of Chris’s little sister.

One day, his detective friend came over to Chris and Rose Crimson’s mansion and showed him files and cases about The Haunted Mansion.

They worked on investigating and putting together the clues of what happened at the Haunted Mansion.

The clue was: while Master Gracey was having a party, his bride was in the Cafe by herself.

Then Master Gracey’s evil servant walked in and gave her a poisoned drink.

She drank it and started to choke until she died.

She fell to the ground and was dead.

Then Master Gracey ran to see what was take long but he found her dead.

He ran toward her and kneeled with her dead body in her arms, crying.

His evil servant faking he’s a good servant told master Gracey (“ I’m sorry for your loss, is there anything you need.”).

Continuing to part 5 of Chris Hatchaway’s story.

I got to think about what’s going happen next.

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