Disney imagineering books to use.

Welcome to Disney imagineering books to use.

Today in the morning at Caribou, in Golden, Colorado , I sat outside and had a Ho Ho Mint Mocha while I was studying Disney imagineering and Amusement parks by reading books based on Disney imagineering.

Here’s the books I was reading:

I was reading the amusement park section in this book.

Then i read the next page of The imagineering workout which I would advise you to get for who ever is into Disney imagineering or for you.

I did a post about this Disney imagineering book.

Here’s it again:

I’m on page 109 and you should get this book.

Here’s the link to the Imagineering workouts book.


One Day At Disney

This book is my favorite too.

It tells you about the Employees that work for the Walt Disney Company.

Also it tells you about how it is working for the Walt Disney Company each day.

Tell Your Story, The Walt Disney World Way

This book is my favorite too.

Coming soon with more information.

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Published by Paul Pederson

Disney imagineering fan, Disney storyteller, future Disney imagineer that is learning how to become a Disney imagineer at home buy reading Disney imagineering books and a Disney Fan of the Walt Disney Company A Disney traveler each year and a Disney imagineering Blogger, A Christian who believes in Jesus is Lord and that God sent his one and only son named Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins.

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