Last Day At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, on December 29, 2020.

Tomorrow will be my last day at Walt Disney World.

I’ll be missing making blog posts about Walt Disney World with being at Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Animal kingdom

Disney’s Animal kingdom:

Walt Disney World:

December 29, 2020:

I’m up ready to tell you about my last day at Walt Disney World. Let’s begin now:

We went to the bus station and we went on the Disney’s Animal kingdom bus.

We rode Disney’s Animal kingdom and we arrived there.

We entered Disney’s Animal kingdom with our Magic Bands.

We walked toward Pandora, World of Avatar, along the way we stopped and at an Animal kingdom called Island Mercantile.

Then we left Island Mercantile and headed for Pandora, the World of Avatar.

We arrived at Navi’ River Journey and rode on the ride.

It’s my number one favorite ride in Pandora, World of Avatar.

After the ride, we looked in the Avatar store.

Then we went to Starbucks at Creature Comforts for Breakfast and I had caramel Brûlée latte with a sausage,egg and cheddar sandwich.

Then we went to Kilimanjaro safari and rode on it.

Then we went on Gorilla falls Exploration Trail.

We went to stores in Asia Land.

Then we went on Triceratops Spin.

I was the height controller on this ride.

We went to Discovery Trading Company and my big sister bought something there.

Then we exited Disney’s Animal kingdom and headed straight to the Disney shuttle bus station where it took us back to Disney’s Caribbean Beach.

We went to rainforest Cafe and looked into the Rainforest Cafe store while we waited for being seated to eat lunch at Rainforest Cafe.

We sat down and ate lunch.

I had BRAZILIAN FREEZE and Rasta Pasta with Alfredo sauce at Rainforest Cafe.

After lunch, we went back to Pandora , World Of Avatar.

We went to Windtraders and I got a Pandora, World of Avatar shirt.

We went to The exit of Disney’s Animal kingdom and went through it to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Bus Stop.

We made to the Disney shuttle bus station and boarded the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Bus.

When the bus came, we boarded onto it.

We rode the bus and the bus arrived to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resorts.

The bus took us back to Disney’s Caribbean Beach and we went off it and went to our hotel rooms.

We relaxed there and rested there.

Disney ‘s Animal kingdom.

Then we went to Disney Springs for dinner on a Disney shuttle bus from the Trinidad bus stop.

We had Splitsville and I got the Buffalo chicken with a coke cola.

After dinner we headed to the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort bus stop.

We boarded the Disney shuttle bus and it took us to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

We went off the Disney shuttle bus and went back to our hotel rooms.

We went to bed.

The End

Thanks for checking out my Disney imagineering blog.

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