Mic Mouse’s one year old birthday.

This story is all finished.

Enjoy this magical, fairytale.

Once upon a magical universe that was divided and less peaceful.

There was war going on against the armies of Edebia who wanted all the other kingdoms under their king who was King Henderson but King Henderson didn’t want to.

One night, he was assassinated by his disloyal guard, at midnight, in his bed.

The next day, they elected a new king who would lead them to the victory over the other kingdoms of Adamiah.

They chose Midas as their king and he agreed with them, that it was time for Edebia to rule over the Kingdoms of Adamiah.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Edenia, there was a kind, family king who was King Johnathan Mouse planning a birthday party for his son named Mic Mouse.

This is Hades….. Panic and Fear stop it……

Oh, where am I at in this story… oh I’m there, I’ll tell you about that day now…..

It was a sunny day, King Johnathan called me, Hades,really, me, what a great King who helped change me into a good guy calling me into the courtyard to ask for my help for his son’s birthday party.

I came into the courtyard and replied (“ what do you need, my favorite friend, King Johnathan, at your service”)

King Johnathan replied (“ could you help me plan my son’s one year old birthday party by sending invitations through out my kingdom, how’s Underworld.”)

(“ Did you get the gift that I got you for your Underworld kingdom.”).

I replied (“ sure, I’ll help you with your son’s birthday party, it get boring in my Underworld kingdom daily with keeping track of souls that go there.”)

(“Yes I got the gift of a bag of magic powder and I used it for creating a beach by a ocean with a sun shining down on the beach”).

(“ plus the good souls of the Underworld relax and having fun on the beach.

(“ Thanks for the gift, it makes me more happy than angry and fiery.”)

King Johnathan replied (“ your welcome, see you later on, good luck with send out invitations for my Son, Mic Mouse who nickname is Meeska Mooska”).

I replied (“ bye, ok, I’ll be delivering invitations through out your Kingdom”).

King Johnathan told me (“ bye, trusted friend”)

I walked out of the courtyard and walked out of the Edenian castle.

I walked to the first house who belonged to King Stephan and handed him the invitation and told him (“ the Edenian king invited you to his son’s birthday party, see you there tonight, bye”).

King Stephan waved and said (“ ok, thanks for the invitation, see you tonight, bye.

I replied (“ bye, see you tonight”)

I walked to each house of Edenia and handed a invitation and said the same thing to each Edenian citizen until I was done with his task.

I was finally done with my friend’s task that was given to me.

I headed back to the courtyard of the Edenian Castle at 5:00 pm and found the Edenian servants decorating the courtyard for Mic Mouse’s one year old birthday party.

Then the Edenian servants got all finished with decorating the courtyard for Mic Mouse’s one year old birthday party.

They got all the food and drinks out on to the ten tables that were out in the courtyard for the citizens to sit at during the days to eat lunch while their kids played in the courtyard playground where it is located in front of the courtyard.

Then at 6:00 pm, the Edenian citizens arrived and King Johnathan and Queen Elizabeth Mouse walked out of the castle with their son, Mic holding their hands.

The Edenian citizens shouted (“happy first birthday to our future king”).

Then the party began and presents were given to Mic Mouse by his father and he opened them up.

Then, we had each a piece of chocolate cake after we sang the birthday song.

The party was over after the birthday cake.

All the Citizens of Edenia left the courtyard and I told King Johnathan (“bye, see you whenever”)

He replied (“ bye, thanks for helping me plan this party by sending out invitations through out my Edenian kingdom”).

I replied (“your welcome, bye”) and I went back to my sunny Underworld kingdom happy.

The end

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Published by Paul Pederson

Disney imagineering fan, Disney storyteller, future Disney imagineer that is learning how to become a Disney imagineer at home buy reading Disney imagineering books and a Disney Fan of the Walt Disney Company A Disney traveler each year and a Disney imagineering Blogger, A Christian who believes in Jesus is Lord and that God sent his one and only son named Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins.

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