Mic Mouse’s early adventures with his Dad and Mom Part 1

Now this story is done being written

Enjoy part 1 of this story series.

After 7 more years of King Johnathan Mouse watched his son Mic Mouse growing up and took care of him along with Queen Elizabeth Mouse.

After Mic Mouse’s 9 year old birthday, Mic was putting his birthday presents away that his parents got him and he opened up.

Mic’s gifts were new fairytale chapter books, new Blue bed sheets and quilt that his mom sewed him, new art supplies, new royal shirts all rainbow colors, new White short, New Sorcerer books and a New mousepad Pro which is like an iPad Pro except for a mouse prince.

King Johnathan Mouse called Mic Mouse into his office.

Mic Mouse replied (“I’m coming”) and he walked out of his bedroom.

He turned right and walked down the hallway toward his father’s office.

He entered into his father’s office and sat in a chair in front of his father’s desk.

He asked anxiously (“ Father, what do you need”).

His Dad replied (“ nothing, I’m just wondering if you like to go to Allosha for a vacation with me and your mom.”)

(“We’ll be gone for a week if you want to come, I know, I am sorry about last weekend, I wanted you to go to The Sorcerer’s Boarding School for a month.”)

(“ Instead you can come with me and your mom, I’ll cancel the month at The Sorcerer’s Boarding School”).

Mic excitedly replied back (“ yes, I’ll come with you, it’s ok, Dad.”)

(“ thanks Dad, are you sure about that”).

His dad replied (“ yeah, I am, you can go to Hades’s Sorcerer School when you are a teenager turning into a Young adult.

Mic liked that idea and got out of the Chair.

He walked to the door to the Hallway and then stopped.

He told his dad (“ thanks, dad, see you real soon, I love you.

His dad replied (“your welcome, see ya real soon, love you too, son”)

Mic started to walk out of his dad’s office and walked down the hallway.

He turned left and entered in his room.

He walk to his bed and sat on his bed.

At 4:00 He started to read one of his sorcerer book called Merlin’s spell book.

Then, at 6:00, Mic got off his bed and stood up.

He walked to his book shelf and putted his book on the book shelf.

He walked to his bedroom door and walked into the hallway.

He closed his bedroom and turned left.

He walked the hallway toward the kitchen and he walked in to the kitchen.

He asked his mom (“ do you need help with fixing dinner, I can help you fix dinner”).

His mom replied (“ yes, you can help me fix dinner.”)

Meanwhile King Johnathan putted away his files and turned off his Mouse lap which is a laptop for mice.

He got out of his office chair and walked out of his office.

He closed his office door and walked down the hallway.

He walked into the kitchen and jokingly said to to Mic (“ you beaten me to the kitchen to help your mom with Dinner.”)

Mic laughed at his dad and started helping his mom make Royal nachos.

He helped his mom by cooking the chicken pieces from a pack of Edenian chicken in a frying Pan.

His dad also helped with dinner by frying jalapeños on the frying Pan.

His mom got a bag of tortilla chips and yellow shredded cheese from the pantry next to the kitchen.

She walked to the counter and sat the chips and yellow shredded cheese with a cookie sheet on the counter.

She spread the chips on the cookie sheet and started to spread yellow shredded cheese all over them.

As she was spreading the yellow shredded cheese on the chips, the grilled chicken and grilled jalapeños were done being grilled.

Mic carried the frying Pan with the grilled chicken to the counter and his dad carried the frying Pan with grilled jalapeños to the counter.

They started to put the grilled chicken all over the nachos and then they putted the grilled jalapeños all over the nachos.

Mic’s mom picked up the cookie sheet of nachos and slid it into the brick oven.

Mic, his mom and dad walked out of the kitchen and walked into the family room.

Mic got out Sketch- Nary to play with his mom and dad while they waited for the royal nachos to be done cooking in the oven for 10 minutes.

When the ten minutes passed by, Mic’s mom got up and walked into the Kitchen.

She took the royal nachos out and got some napkins and also Water bottles filled with water.

She carried those things into the family room and sat them on the ground.

She sat on the floor and told Mic and his dad (“ it’s time to eat, thanks for helping me, make these royal nachos”).

Mic and his dad replied (“ ok, your welcome”) and they started to eat dinner with his mom.

They each ate all the royal nachos together and went back to playing sketch- Nary.

At 10:18 pm, they got tired and putted the game away onto a shelf on the wall.

They got up and told each other (“ good night, see you tomorrow, we are going to go on a vacation together as a family”)

They hugged each other as a family and walked to their rooms and went in their rooms with shutting their doors after they entered their rooms.

They went to bed.

Continuing to part 2 of Mic Mouse’s early adventures with his Dad and Mom.

I’ll start writing the second part tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience, you’ll love reading these stories, I like writing for you guys.

That I made up from my imagination and from thinking what would an universe of Disney creations look like and what the stories are going to look like.

Thanks for checking out my Disney imagineering blog.

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