Mic Mouse’s early adventures with his Dad and Mom Part 2

Now, you Disney fans can read this story, I am done with Part 2 of this story.

Enjoy this story.

Now let’s start with part 2 of this story now.

Mic and his Parents got up at 6:00 am.

They got ready for the day and started packing their suitcases and backpacks that were in their walk-in closets.

After they were done packing for their fun, family trip, they wheeled their suitcases into the kitchen, while they had their backpacks on their backs.

They headed out of the Edenian castle with wheeling their suitcases out into the courtyard and walked toward the Main Street.

Then an Edenian limousine Magically arrived and the driver lowered his window and asked them, (“ do you need a ride to Edenia International Space Airport”) when he stop at the stop sign.

They replied (“ yes, we do”) and the driver opened his door.

He got out of his car and walked up to them.

Then he bowed to Mic’s dad and said (“ King Johnathan, it’s nice to meet you in person, my name is Joe Minus, I work as a limousine Uber Driver, each day.”).

Mic’s dad replied (“ it’s nice to meet you in person too, I always hear good things about your job and about how well, you are are doing”)

(“ me and my family need a ride to the Edenian International Space Airport Right Now please , thank you for stopping by, you came by just in time”)

Joe Minus replied (“ that’s cool you hear about me each day, come on, get into my limousine, I’ll take you and your family to the Edenian Space Airport in a quick 10 minutes drive, your welcome.

Joe Minus walked up to them and took their suitcases to his car.

He putted their suitcases in the back of his limousine while they went into his limousine.

He shut the trunk and walked back to his driver seat.

He sat down and closed his car door and drove his limousine to the Edenian Space Airport, in 10 minutes.

When the limousine arrived at the Edenian Space Airport, Joe Minus opened his door and walked to the passenger door.

He opened the passenger door and walked to the trunk of his limousine.

He opened the trunk of his car and started to take King Johnathan and his family’s suitcases out of the limousine’s trunk.

Mic and his parents got of the limousine and walked to their suitcases.

They got their suitcases and thanked Joe Minus for the ride to the Edenian Space Airport.

Also, they told Joe Minus (“ bye, have a great day, today.”).

Joe Minus replied (“ Your welcome, have a great day too, bye, have a great trip wherever you are going.”).

They replied (“ thanks, we’re going to go to Allosha for a week to have a great time off work.”).

He replied (“ no Problem, mon, bye.”)

Mic’s dad payed Joe Minus, 100 Edenian Dollars and Joe Minus thanked Mic’s dad.

Mic’s dad replied (“ your welcome”).

Mic and his parents waved goodbye and told Joe Minus (“ Good bye”).

They walked and wheeled their suitcases into the Edenian Space Airport.

Continuing to part 3 of this story.

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