John and Constance’s story

Welcome to the Haunted Mansion Hotel where you are ghostly guests in this Grand ghoulish Hotel.

Here you will read about Constance Hatchaway and then about John Hatchaway.

Now let’s start the story now.

Constance Hatchaway

She got married to 5 other men and chopped theirs heads off their body.

One day, She left the haunted mansion and went to Edenia to live there for a year.

Until she met a young gentle man named John working as a construction worker in Edenia and got married to him, the next day.

Him and her had kids who were Charlotte, their daughter and Chris, their son.

They lived in Edenia for 15 years and they felt like it was ready to move somewhere else.

They packed their wagon and headed out of the town of Edenia.

Until They stumbled upon the haunted mansion, one dry day, in Edenian ranch where it lays outside Edenia.

They started to rebuild the old mansion until the ghost host noticed Constance came back and he got jealous.

He told her to return to her psycho self and she smiled wickedly and led John to work at his desk.

He sat there and worked there for hours.

The ghost host told her (“it’s time for chopping his head with your old hatchet”) with a smirk and she agreed with him.

Constance returned to her psycho self and chopped John’s head off while he was working at his desk on the Haunted Mansion idea.

Today she will guide you to your hotel room and she will check you every once a while through your hotel window that is facing the hallway.

Plus you can go to your hotel room up the elevator or the stairs to your room with a chandelier hanging above your head.

There will be book shelves in the hallway by to hotel doors.

John Smith

John Smith lately changed to John Hatchaway

On September 11, 1911, John Smith started to work on the Edenian Tower.

In 1912, the Edenian Tower was finished by John Smith and his construction crew.

On his way home to Mic’s Apartment, Constance was at his Apartment door, trying to go through his door but she wasn’t dead not anymore.

Then John Smith arrived at Mic’s Apartment and opened the front door and walked in.

He walked to his apartment and saw Constance trying to go into his apartment through the door like a ghost but she couldn’t.

He asked her (“ hey, what do you need in my apartment and do you need a place to stay”)

She replied (“ yes I do need a place to stay”).

He replied (“ I have a guest room with a bathroom, come in to my apartment”)

He opened his apartment door and they walked in.

He showed her the way to the guest bedroom with a bathroom and she thanked him.

She cleaned up and decided to not chop his head off with a hatchet because of his kindness that night.

He went to his bedroom and got cleaned up.

After he was done cleaning, he headed out of his bedroom and went to the kitchen.

He started to make Mic’s special chicken sandwiches.

Constance walked out of the guest room and headed for the kitchen.

John finished making Mic’s special chicken sandwiches.

They ate dinner and went to bed in their rooms.

In a year ahead, John and Constance worked for a hotel known as Edenian Inn as Managers.

On September 11, 1912, they got married and moved into a mansion by the castle of Edenia.

John and Constance Hatchaway’s Mansion in Edenia

They lived there for 20 years and had a girl named Charlotte and a boy named Chris.

After 20 more years, living there, Constance asked John, (“ let’s move to Eden, where we will be close to our 25 years old son’s hotel job”).

John agreed and replied (“ oh yes, let’s do that”) and they both smiled.

John and Constance called Chris and Charlotte who was 8 years old to come down from their rooms and they had something to announce to them, one morning.

Chris and Charlotte came down and sat in the family room.

John and Constance anounced to them (“ we are going to move to Eden with you, Chris and Charlotte, you will be close to your big brother”).

Chris and Charlotte liked that and said(“ sweet, we will be living there together and when are we leaving.

John and Constance replied (“ tomorrow afternoon after we are done, packing today and tomorrow”).

Chris and Charlotte said (“ok”) and that day, they got some stuff packed in wooden boxes.

As night fell upon their mansion, they went to bed early to get other half of their stuff pack through the next morning after they wake up at 5:00 am.

Also after they got ready for the day and they slept really good although the Edenian night.

They woke up at 5:00 am and got ready for the day.

Constance and John got ready for the day in their master bathroom and went to the kitchen and made breakfast

Then, Chris and Charlotte got ready for the day at 5:45 am, in their own bathrooms.

They headed to the kitchen and said (“good morning, mom and dad”).

Constance and John replied (“ good morning, kids, me and your dad made waffles and fried eggs, come sit down and eat breakfast before packing our stuff”).

Chris and Charlotte said (“ yum, ok”) and they sat down.

Then the whole family ate breakfast and got up and cleaned up the kitchen.

They started to pack their stuff in wooden boxes and carried the boxes out to their wooden wagon.

John sold the furnitures to Mic’s furniture warehouse and got 10,000 dollars from the furniture.

By 12:00 pm, their mansion was empty like no one lived there for 40 years ago.

They left their old home to live closer together to Chris in Eden.

On the way out of Edenia, they stop at Mic’s Italian Restaurant and had lunch there.

Chris had a sausage sandwich with spaghetti and Charlotte had spaghetti with sausage.

John had lasagna with a Caesar salad and Italian bread which Mic made by hand.

Constance had the same thing as John because it was her favourite.

At 12:55, they left the restaurant and headed out towards Eden.

Then there was a thunderstorm out of nowhere and they got stuck in middle of thunder mountain road.

John got off the wooden wagon to see why the wagon was stuck in middle of the thunder mountain road.

There was a rock in the middle of the road in front of one of the front wooden wheels.

John picked up the rock and moved the rock out of the street.

He got back on the wooden wagon and they got moving.

They made it through the road and made it to Mansion Road.

They went up the road where they saw mansions along the road.

Then they went off the Mansion Road and headed for the hidden dirt road for a quick way there.

Until it started to pour down rain really hard and they start to head to down the road quickly.

Then a huge branch fell in middle of the road and they stopped right away.

Then Chris saw a old mansion sign by a black fence on the right and told his mom and dad (“ hey guys, look to the right, do you see that sign saying Captain William Gracey’s Mansion.

They both looked to the right and replied (“ yes I see that sign, maybe we can go inside there to wait for this storm to pass”).

Chris and Charlotte agree and said (“yes let’s go inside from this storm”).

They headed toward Captain William Gracey’s Mansion gate and the gate was blown open by the wind.

They headed farther into the old property and made it to the old mansion.

They got off their wagon and headed into the old mansion.

They saw Cobwebs everywhere and old furnitures all over the floors.

They explored the old mansion and discovered that it had many rooms.

They fell asleep in one of the rooms from tiredness.

Then Constance woke up in middle of the night and went to the front door to see if it was still stormy.

It was still stormy outside and it could wait till tomorrow morning for her and her family to leave.

Until she heard ghostly noises coming from the other rooms and she ran back to the room where the others were.

She made it back and closed the door.

She fell back to sleep and woke up in the morning.

Then the other three woke up and got up.

They checked if they would be able to leave for Eden at the front door.

But the road was washed away with rocks in front of the road.

They went back to the room and tried to figure out how to leave, until Constance said (“I’ll look through the old master bedroom for something to help us move those rocks in the road”)

Chris and John replied (“ ok”) and Charlotte asked her (“can I go with you please”)

Constance replied (“ no, stay with your dad and old brother, I’ll be right back”).

Charlotte was disappointed and hid it from Constance.

Constance left the room and headed for the master bedroom down the long hallway.

She arrived there and entered into the room.

Suddenly she looked at a picture of her with other men with their heads cut up and she thought in her mind (“ I didn’t do this“).

She searched for shovels but didn’t find them in the room.

She Walked out toward the graveyard shed from the back door.

She opened the shed and picked up the shovels and started to walk out bus the door shut on her.

The ghost host showed up and instructed her to return to her old evil self.

She nodded with agreeingly and laughed wickedly.

The ghost host told her (“ lead your husband straight to the office and ask him to help you fix this mansion and chop his head off while he’s making a blue print for this mansion”).

She returned to her evil self and said (“ ok “) and she left the master bedroom.

Meanwhile Chris hid in the closet and met a girl who was stuck there 6 days ago before Chris and his family left Edenia.

She went back to the room where John and Charlotte was and told John (“ come with me to the office and help me fix this mansion, we can stay here and build a hotel resort here, will you make a blueprint of this Mansion”) with not paying attention that Chris was missing from the room.

John replied (“ what changed about the plan, I thought we were going to move to Eden and be close to Chris, our son.

Constance said (“ I thought we can rebuild this mansion into a hotel resort and work here.”)

(“ don’t you want the same thing and Chris can help us with this place, wait, where is he?”)

John replied (“ he must have went outside to get fresh air, he’ll be right back, don’t worry.”)

She replied (“oh ok, I won’t”) and John want the same thing.

She laughed wickedly inside herself and lead him to the office where is located on the other end of the opposite hallway.

They arrived there and started to work on the Design for the hotel resort.

After 4 hours in the work, Constance walked out of the office and went to the wagon through the front door.

She got her hatchet and headed back to the office from outside.

She arrived and opened the door slowly and silently and snuckup behind John.

She chopped john’s head and that was the last time Chris and Charlotte saw their father alive.

Today John will be your guide when you stay at John’s Mansion.

Plus it will have an office and also the things from the other hotel buildings will be in there.

Who ever is your guide, you chose will make your trip, memorable and joyful.

J hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and don’t forget to check out Chris’s story and Charlotte and Lily’s stories

Ideas of there being Haunted Mansion Hotel Resorts in every country and in Walt Disney World as a as a new hotel for more people to stay or stay at a new resort where guests will be ghosts staying there for a ghoulish vacation for a week or how long you are staying.

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