Mic Mouse’s loaded Potatoes recipe

Mic Mouse’s Royal Loaded Potatoes recipe

This is really a delicious meal that should be at the Disney Parks and on Disney cruise line ships.

Quick trick

Make sure to take the package of chicken breasts in the morning and let them defrost on the counter before you make this meal in the afternoon.

Serves: 8 people

Items you need:

One Package of Chicken breasts

A whole Green Bell Pepper

Half of an onion

Two cans of sliced Black Olives



Garlic salt

Onion salt


Tools you need:


Can opener

Cutting board

Cooking spoon

Frying Pan

Directions for Mic Mouse’s Royal Loaded Potato Dinner:

Step 1

Cut the green bell peppers into small pieces on the cutting board.

Step 2

Then put the green bell peppers pieces in a container.

Step 3

Cut the onion in half and then cut it into tiny pieces.

Step 4

Open the two cans of sliced black olives with a can opener.

Drain the juice from the cans of black olives.

Step 5

Open the package of chicken breasts

Then wash the chicken before you cut it.

Then cut the fat off the Chicken breasts on the cutting board.

Throw the fat from the chicken breasts into the kitchen sink.

Then cut the chicken breasts into small pieces on the cutting board.

Put the pieces of chicken breasts into the frying pan.

Step 6

Turn on the stove and put the frying pan full of pieces of chicken breasts.

Pour some oil into the frying pan full of chicken pieces.

Then stir the chicken pieces with a cooking spoon till it’s cooked or less you want it medium rare, just joking.

After the chicken pieces are cooked, then add some salt, onion salt, garlic salt and pepper to it.

Let the chicken pieces cook in the flavor.

Step 7

Add the chopped onion, chopped green bell peppers and sliced black olives to the chicken pieces.

Then add some oil to the frying Pan and stir it with a cooking spoon till it’s cooked together.

Then move the frying pan on the warm and turn on the warmer after you turn off the big burner.

Step 8

Now get 1 or how many potatoes you need and poke the potatoes with a fork after you wash the potatoes.

Then put paper towel on a plate and put the potatoes on the plate.

Put the potatoes in the microwave and press the button labeling Potatoes and press start button for 1 or four or how time for each potatoes until it’s done be cooked in the microwave.

Then wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and put them on a tray after you preheat the oven for 350.

Then put the potatoes in the oven and put the potatoes for 50 to 60 minutes.

While you are waiting for the potatoes To bake, you can take out butter, bag of yellow shredded cheese, squeezing sour cream, salt and pepper and put them on the counter in your kitchen.

Then put the plates and forks on the counter with the other stuff.

When the potatoes are baked for a hour, take them out and put it on the counter with wearing pot holders.

Now you or your family can make a Loaded baked potato, Mic Mouse’s way.

Enjoy this delicious meal with your family or with whoever.

My mom makes this meal sometimes and it’s delicious.

I told you, how to make it because I want you to taste this delicious meal.

If you have this meal for lunch or dinner, comment on how it turned out.

I will add this meal my theme park (World of Adamiah).

Thanks for checking out my Disney Imagineering Blog

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