The Edenian Forces By Mic Mouse

Edenian Forces

Hi, this is King Mic Mouse

Today, I’ll share with you, The Edenian Forces information.

Edenian Forces

Before I became a King over Adamiah, I went to Eden Sorcerer school for one year and then after my mentor was died being turned to dust, I joined this elite and advanced Force of advanced sorcerers under Hades.

I fought alongside with these forces of Advanced sorcerers throughout the Battle against Edebia.

Then after the Battle, I got married to a beautiful brown mouse princess who is Queen Mary Mouse now.

The Edenian Forces can be joined by Advanced sorcerers of all kinds of creatures.

You will sail on Edenian Ship that can sail on oceans, seas and space travel to missions where you will defend the good citizens of Adamiah from enemies from afar.

Now, let’s go to what the Edenian Forces motto is:

Under the The Flag of Adamiah, we protect, Defend and Keep Peace, Justice, Liberty and Rights from the enemy states and galaxies.

Thanks for joining me, sharing this with you, guys.

Have a magical day or night!!!!

See you real soon

Sincerely, King Mic Mouse

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