Disney’s Young Samurai Daimyo

Once upon a Japanese kingdom on Edenia , there was a Young Samurai Daimyo named Yamato Yuma who was losing the battle against the other samurai self elected Daimyo named Hiroyuki, who wanted all foreigners to stop putting their beliefs down the citizens of Japania’s throats.

One day, Yamato Yuma walked into his Japanese castle after a meeting at Osaka Court about how to resolve the issue that The Japanese cranes are having with foreigners.

His solution was to build worship places where they can teach his crane citizens their beliefs there, but Hiroyuki’s solution was to kick the foreigners out of Japania.

The cranes chose his solution of building churches or temples for the foreigners and liked it better than Hiroyuki’s solution.

He won the argument and got elected as Daimyo Yamato Yuma over Japania again.

Suddenly he heard his wife, son and daughter playing a game in the family room.

Then he headed into the family room and found his wife, son and daughter playing Sugoroku on the floor.

He bowed and said to them with a question (“ I’m home, can I join you guys in this game of Sugoroku”) in Japanese.

They bowed and replied (“ hi, yes, you can join us in this game of Sugoroku”) in Japanese.

Yamato Yuma joined them in the game of Sugoroku and played the game with his family.

His wife grabbed his hand and congratulated him for being elected to Daimyo Yamato Yuma of Japania, in Japanese.

His kids congratulated him also in Japanese.

Him and his family went back to playing Sugoroku.

His son won the game and they picked up the Sugoroku game.

They putted the game on a game shelf and they headed toward the Japanese kitchen to make homemade sushi.

Yamato Yuma taught his son and daughter how to make sushi rolls and they putted 5 sushi rolls on each four plates

They carried their plates into the Dining room and ate their food with sitting at their Muckai.

Meanwhile, Hiroyuki was in his office in the Castle of the mountains of Japania, planning his attack on the Osaka Castle with his Samurai Generals.

Then he slammed his Hand, hard and angrily at his failed attempts to win the Election of The Kings.

His Samurai Generals stopped at planning their attacks on the Osaka Castle and looked at him, unsure and fearfully.

They told Hiroyuki (“ Stop being angry, we’ll get you there as Daimyo who gets help from his Guards.”)

He replied cruelly (“ fine, it better work, I’ll become the next king over Japania.”).

Then he got up and stormed out of his Office, frustrated with how to get rid of Daimyo Yamato Yuma and how to become a Daimyo of Japania.

Meanwhile, Yamato Yuma and his family got up from dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.

They told each other (“ good night, see you tomorrow morning, love you”) in Japanese.

They went to bed.

Meanwhile Hiroyuki went in the kitchen and made 6 sushi rolls for dinner.

He ate his dinner and walked back into his office.

Then, he and his samurai generals were taken out by three yellow ninjas who snuck through the window of Hiroyuki’s castle, while Hiroyuki had a meeting with his samurai generals.

Then the three yellow ninjas with their ninja Daimyo led their yellow ninja clans on a raid deeper into Hiroyuki’s castle.

They took out all of Hiroyuki’s samurais and took over Hiroyuki’s castle.

After the raid, They named Hiroyuki’s castle as Yuma Yuma’s castle after their ninja Daimyo who is a nephew of Yamato Yuma.

Then Yuma Yuma sent his messenger ninja to each clans of samurais and ninjas to tell them that Hiroyuki and his samurai clan are now dead in Japanese.

Day one to day 9, the messenger ninja spread the message in Japanese to each 8 districts of Japania and they cheered.

On the last day, the messenger ninja arrived at Daimyo Yamato Yuma’s castle and told Daimyo Yamato Yuma the message.

Daimyo Yamato Yuma cheered and sent the messenger ninja back to each 8 districts of Japania with a message that is (“ I’m going hold a Peace Celebration in the Osaka Castle this Tuesday night of next week, I would like you to join me in this party, you’re invited to join”) in Japanese.

Day one to day 9, the messenger ninja told the whole kingdom of Japania the message that was told to him to spread throughout Japania by Daimyo Yamato Yuma.

Finally he made it back to Yuma Yuma’s Castle.

Then he told Daimyo Yuma Yuma of the Ninja clans and the yellow ninja clans, Daimyo Yamato Yuma’s message in Japanese.

The Yellow ninja clans and Daimyo Yuma Yuma cheered.

They were finally at peace throughout Japania.

The Tuesday night of the next week, the ninja clans and samurais got together for Peace celebration, at the Osaka Castle.

One year ahead, there were churches and temples built throughout Japania.

There was peace throughout Japania during the time King Mic Mouse was King over Adamiah.

The end

I’ll continue to make a part two of this story series along with other story stories such as New Mickey Mouse series and mic Mouse series.

Also Troop Goof series and other Disney character series.

This was a blast to write for you, guys around the world.

Thanks for checking out my Disney Imagineering Blog

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