Alaskan Bear Kingdom, Disney’s Animal kingdom Part 5

Welcome To The Most Magical Place on Earth!!

The Alaskan Rapids

You walk toward the sign (Kenai’s Rapid Journey To Salmon Run) with the wait time above the regular line and with the Fast Pass sign above the Fast Pass line.

If you have a Fast Pass ticket, you enter through the Fast Pass entrance.

Let’s say you don’t have a Fast Pass ticket and you enter through the regular line entrance.

You walk through the high land of Alaska.

Then you make it to the loading dock where you will board a kayak shaped as a bear.

Then you board a Bear shaped kayak and Pull the safety bar down on your lap.

You kayak down the Alaskan Rapids to Salmon Run through the Salmon Run scenes from Brother Bear.

Then you arrive to the unloading dock and exit Bear shaped kayak after the safety bar is raised up by the Cast Member.

You exit the ride through Salmon Run Shop where you can buy Brother Bear souvenirs from.

Then you head toward The Inuit tent- aurant for lunch.

Now, let’s go back to more details about this ride and about the Bear shaped kayak.

Bear shaped Kayak:

This kayak will have three rows of two seats and there will be a safety bar that lowers down in front.

There will be a water proof baggage sack in front of each seat.

The kayak with be carved in a Bear shaped kayak.

There will be wheels beneath the Bear shaped kayak to be the steel track with water by each side of the Bear shaped kayak.

Details about this ride.

This ride will be like Splash Mountain but different story styled water ride.

This ride will be made by the materials that Splash Mountain are made of.

This ride will be for 6 and up.

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