Rio’s Brazilian Restaurant

Welcome To Brazil (English language)

Bem-vindo ao Brasil (Portuguese Language)

Brazilians, I hope you enjoy reading this post about a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot, Walt Disney World.

You arrive at the entrance to Rio’s Brazilian Restaurant and open the door and head into the restaurant.

Then you tell the server how many are with you and him or her leads you through a table.

Then you sit down at the table and the server hands you a restaurant menu.

Then, the waiter or waitress comes and you tell them what you want to eat and drink.

The waitress or waiter takes your restaurant menu and they put your order in the computer from the notepad.

Then the computer sends your order to the screen in the kitchen and the chefs start make your meal.

The waitress or waiter carry your drink to you and every once in a while, gives you a refill.

Then your meal is done being made and your meal is put on a plate.

The chef takes your meal to you and then, you eat your meal.

After your lunch, the waitress or waiter comes by and takes your credit card or cash and walk to the computer.

The waitress or waiter swaps or puts the cash in the catchier box.

The waitress or waiter comes back with the check for you to sign.

Then you get up and exit Rio’s Brazilian Restaurant.

Here’s Rio’s Brazilian Restaurant Menu:

Rio’s Brazilian Restaurant Menu

American Lunch with your choice of a side:

Chicken Sandwich with cheese: American, mozzarella, Swiss or Colby Jack cheese

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with cheese: American, mozzarella, Swiss or Colby Jack cheese

Cheeseburger: hamburger with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles slices, mayonnaise, ketchup and American cheese.

Hamburger: hamburger with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickle slices and ketchup.

Chicken Tenders: 6 or 8 barbecue chicken tenders or 6 or 8 regular chicken tenders with barbecue, ranch, honey mustard or mayonnaise.


French fries

Waffle fries

Sweet potato fries

Mac and cheese

Fruit cup: green apple pieces, orange pieces , red apple pieces, banana pieces, watermelon pieces and kiwi pieces.

Brazilian Lunch:

Feijoada: beans, beef, pork Stew

Pastel: fried dough pockets filled with cheese, chicken, shrimp, hearts of palm, or ground beef.

Moqueca: Seafood, fish or shrimp, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro and coriander stew.

Cooked crab: crab cooked:

Stuffed blue crab shells: clam shell filled with toasty, buttery bread crumbs, succulent crab, diced bell peppers, and celery

Cooked crab with tomato sauce: Spaghetti With Crabs

Frango a passarinho: Brazilian Fried Chicken Bites

Kids meals.

Chicken Tenders: 4 chicken Tenders with ranch, barbecue, honey mustard or mayonnaise with your choice of a side

Little hamburger: small hamburger with ketchup, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle slices with your choice of a side.

Little cheeseburger: small hamburger with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles slices, mayonnaise, ketchup and American cheese with your choice of a side.


Brigadeiro: Brazilian chocolate truffle 3 or 7 Pieces.

Quindim: yellow custard 3 or 7 Pieces

Bolo de Rolo: Brazilian roll cake

Canjica: Brazilian porridge

Cocada: coconut candy or confectionery candy: 4 or 7 pieces

Tapioca Pancakes: Brazilian Pancakes 4 or 7 pieces

Beijinho de Coco:Brazilian coconut truffle two or 7 Pieces


Famous Brazilian Alcoholic drink:


Non Alcoholic Drinks:

All Coke products

Apple juice

Lemonade: strawberry or regular


All Dr Pepper products

Apple juice

Milk: regular or chocolate

All Sprite Products

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