Mic Mouse’s Royal Taco Meat

Mic Mouse’s Taco Meat
Picante sauce

Oh, Bonjour, welcome to King Mic’s Magical Kitchen.

Today, we are going to make my delicious Taco Meat.

Let’s get started:

A Wise Advice: make sure you take the taco meat out of the freezer and leave the meat out on the counter for all morning long.

Things you need:

One package of Ground beef

Picante Sauce

A half of a onion

Garlic salt



Chili powder

Spoon of minced garlic

Onion salt

Cooking tools:

  1. Knife
  2. Cutting board
  3. frying pan
  4. Spoon
  5. Meat strainer
  6. Cooking spoon


1. When the ground beef is defrosted, put the ground beef into the frying Pan.

2. Then turn on the stove burner and start cooking the ground beef.

3. When the ground beef is done, take the frying Pan off the stove burner.

4. Turn the stove off and carry the frying Pan to the sink.

5. Put the meat strainer in the sink and dump gently the ground beef into the meat strainer.

6. Press the grease out of the ground beef and Gently dump the ground beef back in to the frying pan.

7. Cut the half of the onion into small pieces and put the small pieces of onion into the frying Pan.

8. Then turn the stove burner back on and stir the small pieces of onion together with the ground beef.

9. Then, sprinkle the onion salt, garlic salt, chili powder, pepper, salt and stir the spices with the ground beef and the pieces of onion together.

10. Add a spoonful of minced Garlic into the frying Pan.

11. Then, stir it all together.

12. Add some Picante sauce into the ground beef mixture.

13. Stir it all together.

14. Wallah, you made my famous Royal Taco meat.

Enjoy it on a burrito, taco, nachos or Mexican salad.

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Published by Paul Pederson

Disney imagineering fan, Disney storyteller, future Disney imagineer that is learning how to become a Disney imagineer at home buy reading Disney imagineering books and a Disney Fan of the Walt Disney Company A Disney traveler each year and a Disney imagineering Blogger, A Christian who believes in Jesus is Lord and that God sent his one and only son named Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins.

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