Cair Paravel Restaurant Menu

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I searched all about The Narnian Dishes and made up some of the food to sound like Narnian Dishes after the characters from Narnia books and movies.

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Here’s the Menu for the Cair Paravel Restaurant

Cair Paravel Restaurant Menu

Narnian breakfast: kids or adults meal

Porridge : oatmeal with raspberries , blueberries, banana or black berries.

Mr Tumnus’s special breakfast: lightly boiled egg with toast with three different toppings (sardines, butter or honey), and sugar-topped cake.[11]

Shasta’s delightful breakfast: bacon and scrambled eggs with or without mushrooms, with buttered toast.

Bree’s breakfast: one sausage and egg pastry with dried figs and green cheese.

Narnian Lunch: kids or Adult meal

Prince Corin’s lunch: rice dish made with chicken livers, raisins, and nuts; melons, mullberry and gooseberry fools

Calormen’s Dish: 8 lobsters and a salad with ranch.

Prince Caspian’s dish: fried fish with a sweet baked potato or baked potato.

Dawn Treader’s feast: 3 roasted ham with white or brown gravy on it with a sweet baked potato or baked potato.

Aslan’s feast: a small roasted Turkey with white or brown gravy on it with a sweet baked potato or baked potato.

Puddleglum’s feast: three roasted ham slices with brown or white gravy with roasted potatoes with brown or white gravy.

The Dwarves’s Feast. 1 Fried sausages links with roasted potatoes.

Poggin’s Stew: a brown gravy stew with stew meat, carrot slices, sliced potatoes and onion pieces.

American Lunch with your choice of a side:

Chicken Sandwich with cheese: American, mozzarella, Swiss or Colby Jack cheese

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with cheese: American, mozzarella, Swiss or Colby Jack cheese

Cheeseburger: hamburger with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles slices, mayonnaise, ketchup and American cheese.

Hamburger: hamburger with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickle slices and ketchup.

Chicken Tenders: 6 or 8 barbecue chicken tenders or 6 or 8 regular chicken tenders with barbecue, ranch, honey mustard or mayonnaise.


French fries

Waffle fries

Sweet potato fries

Mac and cheese

Fruit cup: green apple pieces, orange pieces , red apple pieces, banana pieces, watermelon pieces and kiwi pieces.

Narnian Drinks

Mr Tumnus’s Tea: grean tea, peach tea, berry tea, mint tea or chai tea.

Shasta’s coffee: one shot or two shots of coffee beans, caramel, vanilla, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or raspberry flavored milk.


All Coke products

Apple juice,

Lemonade: strawberry or regular


All Dr Pepper products

Apple juice

Milk: regular or chocolate

All Sprite Products

Glasses water with lemons or no lemons


A Piece of your choice of a Pie: peach or milk chocolate, cherry, strawberry or banana.

The White Witch’s Turkish Delight: two or six strawberry, banana, cherry, orange, or mango confections.

Mrs Beaver’s marmalade roll: 8 or 10 marmalade flavored rolls with white icing on top of them.

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