Narnia land, Disney’s Animal kingdom, Walt Disney World Part 7

Narnia land, Disney’s Animal kingdom

Welcome To The Most Magical Place on Earth

You arrive at Prince Caspian’s Restaurant and you enter Prince Caspian’s Restaurant.

The server asks you (how many people are with you).

You tell the server ( one person or how many people are there with you).

The server takes you to the table and you sit down.

The server hands you a Prince Caspian’s Restaurant Menu:

It will have the same food that is on Cair Paravel Restaurant but it will have Prince Caspian’s Restaurant Menu on it instead of Cair Paravel Restaurant Menu.

The waitress or waiter comes and asks you (what you will eat and drink.

You order a glass of water and a piece of Cherry cake for a dessert.

Then the waitress or waiter took your menu and head toward the computer and put the order into the system.

Then the order went through the system to the order screens.

The chef got up from his break and sliced a piece of Cherry Pie.

The chef puts whipped cream on top of the piece of cherry pie with a Mickey Mouse shaped cherries: three cherries together with no stems.

Then the Chef carries out the Piece of Cherry pie and brings the dessert to your table.

You thank the chef and the chef heads back into the kitchen.

The waitress or waiter gives you refills of glassed water every once in a while.

Then you start eating your dessert and after you are done with your dessert, the waitress or waiter comes back with the check.

You hand the waitress or waiter your credit card or cash and the waitress or waiter takes your credit card or cash and puts the amount that you payed for your dessert and drink.

He hands you the receipt and you sign it and give a tip to the waitress or waiter.

You get up and head back toward the entrance of Prince Caspian’s Restaurant.

You exit Prince Caspian’s Restaurant and head toward The Tree Door leading back to Earth.

You will feel like you are at Prince Caspian’s Castle village before he is King over Narnia

There will be an Aslan Statue standing by the Tree Door.

You take your picture in front of it and head towards the Narnian carrousel.

Continuing to part 8 of Narnia land, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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