Details of Scar’s Hotel Part 1

Scar’s Throne Post (store)

Let’s start with the layout of Scar’s Hotel

There will be 10 hotel rooms each ten levels.

Hotel rooms:

Each Hotel rooms will have two beds with a tv and tv remote control on the wooden tv stand in front of the two beds.

There will be a window with two window curtains (one white curtain and one Scar themed curtain by the heater.

On the wall close to the mid Bathroom and the bed close to the bathroom will have a painting of Scar in the middle of it by the ac controlled attached to the heater.

There will be air vents attached to the ac controller in all three rooms.

There will be wooden Night stands in between each two beds.

There will be a clock on the middle wooden night stand with a Bible in the drawer and the Map of Disney’s World of Adamiah.

Plus, there is a plug outlet by the nightstand where you can plug in your apple plug and plug your charging cord in it.

Now let’s head back to the other two night stands.

The other night stands will be by walls, that has each a plug outlet on them.

There will be a small refrigerator in the tv stand drawer by and there will be a table with 2 chairs by the tv stand.

There will be four luggage stands for four suitcases and you can put your stuff on the nightstand and charge your devices.

There will be a switch that will turn on and off the lion shaped fan lights and turn on and off the lion shaped fan.

Mid Bathroom:

There will be a switch that turns on and off the lights, that are above the mirror that are in front of the sinks.

There will be a hand towel hung on the hand towel hook on the wall by the bathroom door.

There will be a soap bar by the sink.

There will be a curtain with Scar on it, in front of the mirror and two sinks by the Bathroom door.

There will be a mirror on the bathroom door.

There will be a closet area where shirts can be hung up and there will be an iron board with an iron.

Beneath the sinks, there will be extra towels and rags underneath the two sinks.

There will be Disney styled shampoo, conditioner, Disney Soap Bar, extra Toilet Paper, Extra Disney Kleenex and extra hand towels.


There will be a shower slashed bath tub by the toilet with a towel bar above the toilet.

There be a Scar shaped rug on the Bathroom floor.

There will be a shampoo machine, conditioner machine and Body soap machine on the wall.

There will be a switch that will turn on and off the light and will turn on and off the fan that is in the bathroom.

Also for the shower slashed bathtub will have a Scar themed curtain on the shower ring attached to the shower curtain pole.

There will be a box of Kleenex on the toiled tank.

Safety items in each rooms:

Water sprinklers

Fire alarms

Thanks for checking out my Disney Imagineering Blog

I’ll post images of the layouts of Scar’s Hotel rooms when I’m done making the rooms on my iPad with Live Home 3D and with Shapr 3D on another post.

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