Marvel’s Golden Angel king Story Part 1

Far off on Jupiter, there was a battle going with the dark Angel soldiers and Golden Angel soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Dark Angel king broke into the Golden Angel King’s castle while two of his guards distractedly attacked the Golden Angel Guards.

Then he Marched toward the stairs and headed up to the Master bedroom.

He kicked the door up with the pieces of the door flying everywhere and headed toward the closet.

Then he kicked the closet door down with all his black armored leg and headed toward the cabinet.

He pushed the cabinet out of the front of the hidden door and then his spy came with a key from a dead Golden Angel Guard in the courtyard.

His spy unlocked the hidden door.

Then his Spy turned against him and tried to stab him but missed the Dark Angel King’s weakness in his black chest armor.

Then the Dark Angel King stabbed his spy in the chest.

His spy fell dead to the ground and dissolved into dust.

The Dark Angel King headed down into the tunnel toward a Golden door

Meanwhile, the 4 year old Johnathan was put in a Robot Jet and he cried, and said (“no, I don’t want to leave you, mom and dad”).

His mom and dad replied (“ you got to go now and remember who you are”)

Then the Dark Angel King opened the Golden Door by force of his dark magic.

Suddenly, Johnathan’s dad press the controller on the Robot Jet to close the hatchet of the Robot Jet and to send the Robot Jet to Earth for safety.

Then the Robot Jet took off out of Jupiter towards Earth.

The Dark Angel King got so frustrated and yelled at Johnathan’s mom (“ where is your son, why did you let your husband send him to a different planet, I was going to anoint him as a king over my dark kingdom”) with trickery in his voice.

Johnathan’s mom replied ( I won’t tell anything”).

The Dark Angel King wickedly replied back (“ that just fine, but I’ll squeeze your husband, till you tell me something”).

Then he used his dark magic on Johnathan’s dad as he lifted him in the air.

Then he started to squeeze Johnathan’s dad and then Johnathan’s mom cried out (“ stop, my son is on earth by now”).

The Dark Angel King let go of Johnathan’s dad and replied wickedly (“ very well, thanks for telling me”).

(“ but if I let your husband live, he will lead a rebellion against me and my Dark Angel Armies”).

Then he pulled in Johnathan’s dad with his dark magic and stabbed him in the chest.

Johnathan’s dad fell dead on the ground and dissolved into white dust.

Then the Dark Angel King’s Generals came and told him that they won the battle and have prisoners of war.

The Dark Angel King ordered his Generals to put the Prisoners of war into a working in a Jupiter gold mine camp near by for the years ahead.

Meanwhile, Johnathan’s mom cried and was taken to a factory nearby as a slave making Golden jewelry for the years ahead by the Dark Angel Kings Guards while she shouted angrily (“ you won’t get away with this”).

Then one of the Dark Angel King’s Guard slapped her face and told her to get to work.

She went to work at a Jewelry Factory known as Johnathan’s Jewelry Factory and worked there as a slave for years ahead, waiting for her son to come back to free Jupiter from the Dark Angel King.

Continuing to Marvel’s Golden Angel king Story Part 2.

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