Disney’s World of Adamiah Park Part 13

Welcome To The New Africania Restaurant, this is Timon!!!!

Map of Disney’s World of Adamiah Park

You arrive at the entrance of The New Africania Restaurant and then you enter The New Africania Restaurant.

Then the server asks you (“ how many people are with you”).

Let’s say there is two friends with you and you say (“3 people”).

Then the server directs you toward an African table and pulls your chair and your two friends’s chairs away from the African table, so you can sit down.

You Sit down with your friends and scoot up to the African table.

Then the server hands you the Africania Restaurant Menu

Here’s the Africania Restaurant Menu:

Fountain Drinks

  • Water: with lemon or without lemon
  • Cherry Coke Cola
  • Coke Cola
  • Mr Pibb
  • Lemonade: strawberry or regular

African Drinks:

  • Maghrebi-mint-tea
  • Rooibos
  • Mazagran
  • Amasi
  • Oshikundu
  • Sobolo
  • Zobo
  • Leite azedo

African Lunch and Dinner :

Babute: ground beef, curry powder and apricots.

Brik: tuna, ground meat, raw egg, chicken, or anchoviesgarnished with harissa, capers, or cheese wrapped in a dough

Frejon: coconut milk and bean soup

Gatsby: Bread rolls, French fries, meat or seafood (masalasteak, chicken, polony,[1]Vienna sausage, calamari, fish), Peri Peri sauce

American Lunch and Dinner: kid meal or adult meal

American Cheeseburger with French fries: tomatoes, onion, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard included on the American Cheeseburger.

Grub shaped Chicken tenders with French fries: with a choice of barbecue or ranch or mayonnaise

Mac and cheese with Chicken or ground beef

Chicken Sandwich with French fries: with mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce.

African Dessert:

Bar-One Cake: a nestle bar one cake

Fig Roll or Fig Bar: two cookies or one cookie, or two biscuits or one biscuit filled with fig Pastry.

Hertzoggie: 6 jam-filled tartlets or 6 cookies with a coconut topping

koeksister: 1 or four traditional Afrikaner confectioneries made of fried dough infused in syrup or honey.

Then the waitress or waiter comes and take yours and your friends’s orders.

You order 1 Fig Roll and a maghrebi-mint-tea and your friends order a Leite azedo and four koeksisters.

Then the waitress or waiter leave and take your orders to the computer.

The waitress or waiter puts your orders into the computer and your orders goes through the computer to the order boards.

The three chefs get your dessert ready onto the African plates, while the Waitress or waiter gets your African drinks after making them.

The waitress or waiter carries the African drinks and sit the African drinks on the African table in front of your friends and you.

Then the three chefs carry your dessert and your friends dessert to the African table.

The one of the three chefs sit down the Fig Roll in front of you, while the other two chefs sit down the two four koeksisters in front of your friends.

Then you thank the chefs and the chefs head back into the kitchen and get the other guests’ dishes ready.

Then you and your friends eat your African desserts and enjoy sitting in an African Restaurant.

After dessert, the waitress or waiter comes back and takes your credit card.

The waitress or waiter swipes your card in the computer and the receipt prints out.

The waitress or waiter comes back with your card along with a pen and three receipts.

You sign the receipts and put your card back in your money bag.

Then you and your friends get up and head back toward the entrance of the Africania Restaurant with saying bye to the server.

Then you and your friends exit the Africania Restaurant and head toward Timon and Pumbaa’s Hotel.

Continuing to part 14 of Disney’s World of Adamiah Park

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