Sketches of Shark Topia famous light house water slide at Disney’s Alloshan Water Park

Alloshan Light House water slide with the Allosha Flag and Alloshan Cafe
Alloshan Lighouse water Slide

Welcome To SharkTopia where you will explore the the Alloshan Lighthouse of SharkTopia, this is King Mic Mouse!!

Me and my Parents came here for a vacation, and I climbed up the Alloshan Lighthouse with my parents.

Now you can explore the Alloshan Lighthouse by yourselves or with your family members, if you like water slides.

Let’s began with the information about the Alloshan Lighthouse:

You will climb 15 staircases up the water slide to the 15th floor in a 17 story Lighthouse where a Lifeguard will be up there.

Then you slide straight toward the last Fourth twirl and then straight down toward the Alloshan Tropical Beach Pool.

Then you will lay down on the water slide and the water will push you down the water slide through the fist three twirls after a sloppy straight slide.

Then straight into the Alloshan Tropical Pool.

The Alloshan Tropical Beach Pool and the Alloshan Lighthouse Water Slide will have hot pool water.

The Alloshan Tropical Beach Pool will be 50 feet wide times 50 feet long.

The Alloshan Water Slide will Look like the Alloshan beach by the Allosha ocean with the Port of Allosha by the side of the Alloshan Tropical Beach Pool.

Thanks for joining me with this fun Alloshan water Park!

and next time, I will share with you: more about Disney’s Alloshan Water Park.

Sincerely King Mic Mouse.

I came out with this idea before I sketched this picture.

I’ll release more stories about Allosha, the underwater Earth type world and more information about this Disney’s Alloshan Water Park today later on.

Thanks for checking out my Disney Imagineering Blog!!

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