Disney’s World of Adamiah theme park Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of World of Edenia Theme Park where you will be in a magical, free and of course, in an universe of Disney

Imagine walking toward the entrance of Disney’s World of Adamiah Park and putting your thumb on the thumb scanner and your magic band up to the magic band scanner.

Boom, then you walk through a flying ship to get inside Mic and Mickey Mouse’s kingdom and you stand in the New Orleania street where you see a New Orleanian restroom by Prince Naveen and Tiana’s restaurant where you will enjoy New Orleans food.

Here’s  Prince Naveen and Tiana’s restaurant menu 

Prince Naveen and Tiana’s menu 

Pasta Dishes 

Gumbo: sausage or chicken with shrimp, celery, red or green or yellow or orange bell peppers, onion, file powder, stock, roux and okra, stew sauce.

With brown or white rice 

Mild or spicy.

Jambalaya: white or brown rice, chicken or sausage with shrimp, vegetables, creole spices and stew sauce.

Spicy or mild

Red beans and rice: red beans, white or brown rice, onion, celery, red or yellow or green or orange bell peppers, pork or sausage, thyme, cayenne peppers and bay leaf.

Cajun Mac and cheese: American cheese sauce with Cajun spice, bow noodles or elbow noodles.

Add chicken or sausage   

Burgers and sandwiches  served with two sides

Cajun burger: Cajun spiced beef Patty with American cheese And ketchup, mustard, onion, lettuce and tomato served on a bun 

Crispy Cajun chicken sandwich: crispy Cajun spiced chicken patty with or without American cheese mayonnaise,lettuce and tomato served on a bun

Crispy Chicken sandwich: Crispy chicken or grilled chicken  patty with American cheese or without American cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato served on a bun 

American cheeseburger: beef patty With American cheese, ketchup, mustard, Lettuce, tomato and onion served on a bun

Other meals Served with two sides And with your choice of sauce

Cajun chicken tenders: 6 or 9 Cajun spiced chicken tenders grilled or crispy

Regular chicken tenders: 6 or 9 chicken tenders: grilled or crispy 

Kids Menu with one side

Chicken Tenders: 4 or 5 chicken tenders: crispy or grilled 

Small Cheeseburger: beef patty with American cheese and ketchup served on a bun

Corn dog: Hot Dog wrapped up in corn dough with ketchup on the side in a small container

Hot Dog: hot dog in a hot dog bun with ketchup on the side in a small container  


Mac and cheese: American cheese sauce over bow shaped noodle.


Mashed potatoes 

Mac and cheese

Cajun Mac and cheese 

Baked potato 

CaJun french fries 

Regular french fries 

Sweet potato fries 

Apple sauce 


Caesar salad 

House salad 

Grilled shrimp gumbo salad

Fruit salad 

Plus there will be a Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana store connected to Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana restaurant where you can buy the Princess and the Frog souvenirs before you leave Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana restaurant.

After you bought something from Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana store, you will walk out toward the New Orleans Street.

Across the street, there is a pet store called QuackMore’s Pet City where your kids can buy a pet of their choice if you want to go and see QuackMore selling pets to the Edenians who walk and shop in New Orleanian square during daytime.

Here is list of pets sold at QuackMore Pet City.

All kinds of Dogs

All kinds of Cats

Miniature dogs 

Here’s a list of pet supplies 

Cat food

Dog food 

Dog Kennels 

Cat kennels 

Travel cat kennels 

Travel dog kennels 


Pet dishes 


Dog treats 

Cat treats 

Pet toys 

Pet costumes 

Pet clothes

After going shopping for a pet at QuackMore’s Pet City, you walk over to Mic’s Apartments to Visit the Edenians who live here.

Then you walk to Clock of Peter Pan Store and purchase Peter Pan merchandise And after shopping there, you walk across New Orleanian Street toward Dr Falicier’s Apartments where you will visit the Princess and the frog characters who live here.

Then you walk toward Dr Falicier’s Voodoo Ride where you will be part of Dr Falicier’s voodoo show at his moving tables and you will feel like he is helping you with your decisions.

It will be a trackless table like vehicle going around his voodoo room at his Magic house during him singing and doing his card trick and doing his voodoo magic .

Plus it will be 3D and there will be a gift store after Dr Falicier’s voodoo show where you can get a souvenir from riding this ride.

You walk across the street to Dr Falicier’s Apartments where it is an hotel in the theme park.

Let’s say you are staying there and it’s late at night, so you go back to your hotel room and go to bed.

Then the next day you wake up and get

I’ll post a separate post about Dr Falicier’s Apartments.

Here is the concept of Dr Falicier’s Voodoo Ride table trackless vehicle where you will ride on  around Dr Falicier’s voodoo room.

Here’s the concept of  Dr Falicier’s Voodo ride building, imagine going into this building and riding on this ride. 

Continuing to Disney’s World of Adamiah Theme Park Part 2

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