The chronicles of Allosha, Part 1

Once upon a time in an Underwater world, there was a Shark kingdom known as SharkTopia planning for an attack against King Midas 10th along with IceTopia, after they were tricked by joining King Midas 10th.

Then King William of SharkTopia swam into the Command room while his flying Shark Army generals planned their war positions.

King William arrived at the war table and then warned them that King Midas 10th had his army on the left side of the Alloshan Beach.

Then he gave this advice ( “why don’t you put your army along the IceTopian Army on the other beach on other side of the Alloshan Island.”)

Meanwhile in a remote village in the Alloshan Valley , Hood Cracker the Shark Bee wearing an Alloshan armor suit flying toward the Alloshan Castle.

Then he arrived at the Alloshan Castle and he walked into the Alloshan Castle, until one of the Alloshan Shark Bee Guards stopped him.

The Alloshan Shark Bee Guard pulls a sword out on him and then Hook Cracker replied (“ why do we have to fight, why don’t you join my side?”).

The Alloshan Shark Bee Guard lowered his sword, knowing that he doesn’t want to murder his Alloshan fellow citizen and he joined Hood Cracker.

Then Hood Cracker and the Alloshan Shark Bee Guard hid into the Shark shaped coral Bush when King Midas 10th came out of the Alloshan Castle with his Amy of 3,000 warriors.

Then Hood Cracker and the Alloshan Shark Bee Guard went into the Alloshan Castle, when King Midas 10th Marched with his Army out of the Alloshan Castle toward the Aloshan Beach through a Fire Coral Forrest.

Then King Midas 10th and his Army arrived at the Alloshan Beach, and they started to set up a camp.

Then they set up 9 trenches along the Alloshan Beach all through the day with King Midas 10th wickedly commanded them to get it built right away.

Then night came: King Midas and his Army went to bed in their tents.

Meanwhile Hood Cracker and the Alloshan Shark Bee Guard headed toward the Alloshan Dungeon.

Hood Cracker and the Alloshan Shark Bee Guard arrived and freed the 2,000 Alloshan Shark Bee Prisoners of War that were captured by King Midas after he took over the Alloshan Castle ,and poisoned King Hiro of Allosha in the disguised as an Allosha Shark Bee Royal Guard.

While, his army captured the scared Alloshan Army and took the Alloshan Army to the Alloshan Dungeon.

They locked them up and headed back into the Courtyard.

Hood Cracker asked (“ who is good with sword fighting and who’s good with archery”)

2,000 Alloshan Shark Bee Soldiers replied (“ we are good with Archery and sword fighting”).

(“ how can we defeat King Midas 10th, we anoint you as our king”)

Hood Cracker replied back (“ very well, why don’t you guys hide in the four towers over looking the Alloshan Beach and wait for my signal to shoot arrows at King Midas 10th’s Army when the two Allies of yours comes to your aid.”)

(“That’s how you will win this war against King Midas 10th and his army”).

Continuing to part 2 of The chronicles of Allosha

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