The Chronicle of Allosha Story 2

Sketch of King Midas 10th

!!!Welcome back to Allosha the Underwater World!!!

Then the Alloshan Shark Bee Army replied (“No, we can’t do that, he has our kids and Wives mining for Alloshan Sparkling Sea blue Diamonds, in the Alloshan Mountain of Allosha”) with discouragement, and fear of King Midas 10th.

Then Hood Cracker reasoning with them (“ I can help you, guys win back your Kingdom, My cousin Maverick, he’s a 20 feet Shark Bee with tough Shark Armor that stops arrows, and swords from the enemy Army”)

(“He’s coming with your Allies and he’s part of the Shark Topian Army.”)

(“That’s how you will win this war against King Midas 10th and his army”).

Then, they anointed Hood cracker to king hood and they called him King Hood.

Then they had a feast with a long table of Cod Fishes and potato corals.

Then after the feast, they got ready for the war.

King Hood checked their position and then signaled them to wait for the Allies to come in the afternoon.

Meanwhile in SharkTopia and IceTopia, the Allies sent their armies through Shark ship to Allosha ,and then they arrived at the other beach behind the castle.

They got off the Shark Ship.

Then the Armies of the Allies headed toward the Alloshan Castle.

They arrived at the Alloshan Castle and then the Alloshan Army cheered, and celebrated the victory yet to come.

Then they went to bed in the Alloshan Castle and when the Morning came, they got up, and got ready for the war against King Midas 10th and his army.

Meanwhile, King Midas 10th and his army got up the next day.

They got ready for war and waited by the Alloshan Beach for their enemies to arrive but they didn’t arrive.

At 12:00 pm, they packed up their camp and headed back toward the Alloshan Castle.

Until King Midas and his army came through the Fire Carol Forrest and saw the Allies of Allosha in front of the Allosha Castle.

Then he wickedly commanded his army to not surrender and fight against the Allies of Allosha.

Then King Midas 10th’s Army surrender themselves to the 10,000 Troops of The Allies of Allosha and they were taken to the Allosha Dungeon, and then locked up there.

Then King Midas 10th started fighting with the Troops of The Allies of Allosha, but King Hood flew toward him and stabbed him in the foot by his stinger tail.

Continuing to story 3 of The Chronicle of Allosha.

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