Restaurants at the World of Disney’s Descendants.

(Welcome To Queen Uma’s Fish and Chips Restaurant)

Queen Uma’s Fish and Chips Restaurant:

At this restaurant, Queen Uma sings What’s my name while she dances on the counter.

Then she jokingly throws a napkin at the the tv when Queen Mal is on tv and then the other cast members dressed as Disney Villains laugh at her joke.

You into the story:

You have a Gil smoothie to drink and…..

You are sitting at a table eating Fish and Chips while watching Queen Uma Singing What’s My Name.

You laugh at Queen Uma’s joke.

Then Queen Uma comes to your table and talk to you.

Then she drops your check and you hand your Credit card.

Then she takes your credit card and walks to a cashier.

Queen Uma swaps your credit card and then the other two receipts print out.

She grabs a magic pen, your credit card and the two receipts.

She walks back to your table and thanks you for eating at her restaurant.

Then you Reply (“ your welcome, see you real soon”) and she replies (“see you real soon with a wave.

Then you sign the two receipts and you get up.

You pick up your bag and walk toward the front door.

You exit Queen Uma’s Fish and Chips Restaurant.

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Published by Paul Pederson

Disney imagineering fan, Disney storyteller, future Disney imagineer that is learning how to become a Disney imagineer at home buy reading Disney imagineering books and a Disney Fan of the Walt Disney Company A Disney traveler each year and a Disney imagineering Blogger.

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