The Walt Disney Imagineering Legacy Letter.

Dear Word Press readers and Walt Disney Company.

I’m writing this Letter down to Thank you for reading my Disney Imagineering Blog and following It.

This is my Dream to Become a Disney Imagineer in the future.

When I become a Disney Imagineer, I’ll make a lot of people around the World, smile and become Neighbors to each other.

It would be cool if there is Disney Parks in each country around the World.

I know, there is a Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Florida, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland, California.

Disney Company, thank you for coming up with Disney Imagineering Books and Videos.

And also Disney Imagineering Shows.

I hope I work for you as a Disney Imagineer in the future when I’m ready to move out and get a job.

Also, thank you for making my Disney vacations, I had with my family, magical and fun, when me and my family go to your Disney Parks.

Me and my little sister standing in front of Walt Disney’s Partners Statue and also in front of the Cinderella Castle.

Sincerely From Your Fan: Paul Pederson

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